Co-funded by: European Commission 6th Framework (IST)
Start date: January 2006
Co-ordinated by: University of Edinburgh

Project Deliverables

Deliverable 1.1 defines the interaction model language

Deliverable 1.2 defines the peer to peer coordination protocol

Deliverable 1.3 describes our plug-in component architecture

Deliverable 2.1 defines the router interface as part of the architecture description, functionality description of the OpenKnowledge kernel

Deliverable 2.2 describes our initial semantic router with its source code

Deliverable 3.1 provides a comparison of mapping techniques

Deliverable 3.2 specifies our ontology handling framework

Deliverable 3.3 describes our methodology for ontology matching quality evaluation

Deliverable 3.4 specifies our ontology matching component

Deliverable 3.6 summarises the implementation of the ontology matching component

Deliverable 4.1 specifies our ontology translation framework

Deliverable 4.2 describes our benchmarking methodology for good enough answers

Deliverable 4.4 describes our methodology for evaluating good enough answers

Deliverable 4.5 describes our good enough answer algorithms

Deliverable 4.7 describes our view of trust and reputation

Deliverable 4.8 describes our plug-in component supporting trust and reputation

Deliverable 5.1 describes our extension of LCC as a visualisation language

Deliverable 5.2 describes our visualisation markup tools

Deliverable 5.3 describes our file front-end

Deliverable 5.4 describes our visualiser sub-components

Deliverable 6.1 describes our initial bioinformatics scenarios

Deliverable 6.2 describes our initial bioinformatics service cluster

Deliverable 6.5 describes our initial emergency monitoring scenarios

Deliverable 6.6 describes our initial emergency monitoring service cluster with associated WSDL interfaces

Deliverable 6.7 describes our emergency monitoring interaction models

Deliverable 7.1 describes our initial test rigs with the source code used to implement the sorts of experiments described in sections 2, 3, 4, and 5 of this report available as archives at code for section 2, code for section 3, code for section 4, code for section 5

Deliverable 7.2 describes results from empirical tests of interaction models

Deliverable 7.3 describes results from empirical tests of semantic routing

Deliverable 7.4 summarises our empirical tests of ontology mapping

Deliverable 8.1 describes the first version of an OpenKnowledge semantic web browser

Deliverable 8.4 describes the first version of an OpenKnowledge question answering system

Deliverable 9.1 is the initial OpenKnowledge manual

Deliverable 9.2 is the second version of the OpenKnowledge manual

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