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MSc Thesis Documents

Please note that only documents submitted internally to the documentation secretary or publications secretary are recorded and that for a document to be online all authors must have signed a copyright waiver form and a postscript version of the document must have been made available. This page does not necessarily represent a complete and accurate account.
MT9923 1999 MSc Thesis Romahi,YS
Fuzzy Rule Induction Based Financial Forecasting
MT9922 1999 MSc Thesis Xiao,Y
A Graphical User Interaction Model for A Diagnostic DecisionSupport System
MT9921 1999 MSc Thesis Hsu,W
Automatic Synthesis of Web Sites for Research Groups
MT9920 1999 MSc Thesis Sadler,RA
Design and Development of a Robotic Volleyball Team
MT9919 1999 MSc Thesis Said,R
Evolutionary Robotics Using Probabilistic Incremental Program Evolution
MT9918 1999 MSc Thesis Ahrens,RH
An Analysis of the Role of Semantic information in Veale & Keane's Sapper model of analogy.
MT9917 1999 MSc Thesis Eschle,NA
From Causal Graphs to Explanations in Natural
MT9916 1999 MSc Thesis Goroll,N
(The Deep Blue) Nile: Neuronal Influences on Language Evolution ---Connectionist models for the simulation of the evolution of language
MT9915 1999 MSc Thesis Schmansky,NJ
Emergent Properties of an Artificial Neural Network
MT9914 1999 MSc Thesis Smith,ML
Reinforcement Learning within a Multi-Agent Adversarial Soccer
MT9913 1999 MSc Thesis Araujo,IE
Effects of Topographic Projections in a Two-Layer Model of Hippocampal Function
MT9912 1999 MSc Thesis Boussios,I
Identifying and organising product offers in e-commerce.
MT9911 1999 MSc Thesis Steel,GJ
Cross-Domain concept Formation Using HR
MT9910 1999 MSc Thesis MacLean,EA
Generalisation as a critic to the induction strategy
MT9909 1999 MSc Thesis Safar,E
Language Generation in Hungarian
MT9908 1999 MSc Thesis Dura,E
The development of a MINDSTORMS LEGO robot to play a competitive ball game
MT9907 1999 MSc Thesis Costa,E
Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows
MT9906 1999 MSc Thesis Lacey,DJ
Logic Program Synthesis via Proof Planning in LambdaClam
MT9905 1999 MSc Thesis Yarlett,DG
Semantic Information in Similarity-Based Transfer: Reimplementing the MAC/FAC Model
MT9904 1999 MSc Thesis Sameshima,C
Here's Looking at You: Finding Gaze Direction in Faces
MT9903 1999 MSc Thesis Chantree,FJ
Multilingual Natural Language Generation in English and Danish
MT9902 1999 MSc Thesis Eddy,BD
Word Sense Disambiguation Using Common Sense Knowledge
MT9901 1999 MSc Thesis Yates,AJ
Modelling Interactions
MT9846 1999 MSc Thesis Walther,MS
Evolutionary Data Mining
MT9848 1998 MSc Thesis Wilcock,DS
Guiding Evolution of Complex Robot Behaviours: Virtual Snesors and Task Decomposition
MT9844 1998 MSc Thesis Takiguchi,J
Local Path Planning for a Non-holonomic Mobile Robot by Chained Form
MT9842 1998 MSc Thesis Stapleford,TA
The Harmony, Melody, and Form of HERMAN, a Real-Time Music Generation System
MT9841 1998 MSc Thesis Smith,RL
Analysis of a Categorisation Algorithm
MT9840 1998 MSc Thesis Sklavakis,D
Implementing Problem Solving Methods in CYC
MT9839 1998 MSc Thesis Singh,R
Person Recognition from Gait
MT9838 1998 MSc Thesis Simos,G
Automated Fault Isolation for Gas Turbine Alarms
MT9837 1998 MSc Thesis Selman,DC
Computer Modelling of Human Facial Emotions. An Engineering Approach
MT9836 1998 MSc Thesis Rogers,TL
Learning without the Use of Predefined Heuristics
MT9835 1998 MSc Thesis Robinson,ME
Did the Earth Move for You ? A Novel Metric for Matching Iconic Images
MT9834 1998 MSc Thesis Ritchie,JC
An Artificially Intelligent Agent for the Computer Game Quake
MT9833 1998 MSc Thesis De Quincey,A
MT9832 1998 MSc Thesis Pritchard,MJ
Bat Echolocation: The Application of Tau Functions in Sonar Navigation
MT9831 1998 MSc Thesis Prieto,F
An Implementation of a DRT Account of Generic Sentences
MT9830 1998 MSc Thesis Phillips,L
An Intelligent Learning Environment for Beginning Drummers
MT9829 1998 MSc Thesis Payne,TW
Applications of Genetic Algorithms to Hydrocarbon Production Optimisation
MT9828 1998 MSc Thesis Patel,K
Optimisation of Amino Acid Scoring Matrices for Improved Protein Homologue Detection
MT9827 1998 MSc Thesis Onozuka,T
Reinforcement Learning in Bayesian Networks using Stochastic Gradient Ascent
MT9826 1998 MSc Thesis Moolenburgh,AW
Deriving Causal Dependencies from Functional Descriptions of Physical Systems
MT9825 1998 MSc Thesis Morales-Cueto,A
Adaptation of the resource model of ILEX/WAG to Spanish
MT9824 1998 MSc Thesis Metcalfe,PM
Using Rippling for Equational Reasoning
MT9823 1998 MSc Thesis Melo,AF
A Connectionis Model of Tension in chord Progressions
MT9822 1998 MSc Thesis Gomez-Marin-Blazquez,J
Genetic Algorithms for Tuning Classification Rules
MT9821 1998 MSc Thesis Mangina,E
A Knowledge-Based System for Low Technology Tomato-Greenhouse Management
MT9820 1998 MSc Thesis Li,C
An Evaluation of the Merge-based Approach to Stochastic Context-Free Grammar Learning
MT9819 1998 MSc Thesis Konstantopoulos,S
A Morphological Analyser for Scottish Gaelic
MT9818 1998 MSc Thesis Karadimos,D
Planning and Assembling Pentominoes
MT9817 1998 MSc Thesis Joller,GC
MPPT An ITS for Teaching Pronunciation
MT9816 1998 MSc Thesis Jackson,AG
Adding Trump Play to FINESSE
MT9815 1998 MSc Thesis Irving,NJ; ,
Evolution of Recursive Programs
MT9814 1998 MSc Thesis Horn,GS
Evolving Adaptive Robot Controllers
MT9813 1998 MSc Thesis Hiransoog,C
Dynamical Interaction Between Learning, Sensing, Attention, and Behaviour
MT9812 1998 MSc Thesis Miramontes Hercog,L
Hand-eye coordination: An evolutionary approach
MT9811 1998 MSc Thesis Garzon-Iglesias,CA
Sensitive Whiskers for texture recognition purposes
MT9810 1998 MSc Thesis Fletcher,A
Investigating Genetic Algorithms for Improving Diagnostic Accuracy in Malarial Risk Assessment
MT9809 1998 MSc Thesis Eremin,A
Mens sana in corpore sano: Co-evolving robot controllers and body plans
MT9808 1998 MSc Thesis Donachie,DM
Experiments in Calssification Programming Examining the i1 Language
MT9807 1998 MSc Thesis Densmore,TA
An Investigation of the Chicken Scheduling Problem Using an Island Genetic Algorithm
MT9806 1998 MSc Thesis Daume,S
A Knowledge-based System to Model Thinnings in Central European Forests
MT9805 1998 MSc Thesis Carmena,J
Cooperative tasks need versatile inter-robot communication systems ?
MT9804 1998 MSc Thesis Bonsma,ER
Building a Full Metric Topological Map Using a Very Simple Mobile Robot
MT9803 1998 MSc Thesis Blewitt,AS
A Java editor based on proofs-as-programs
MT9802 1998 MSc Thesis Beckett,NP
Classification of Gait Abnormality
MT9801 1998 MSc Thesis Arias,S
Cooperative Responses from a Natural Language Front-End
MT9772 1997 MSc Thesis Wyss,FI
A Statechart Based Programming Language for Intelligent Agents
MT9770 1997 MSc Thesis Willmott,SN
Adversarial Planning Techniques and the Game of Go
MT9768 1997 MSc Thesis Watkinson,SP
Induction of Musical Syntax
MT9766 1997 MSc Thesis Warin,TA
Automatic Inference of Humpback Whalesong Grammar
MT9765 1997 MSc Thesis Thomson,DG
A Connectionist System for Instrument and Pitch Discrimination
MT9764 1997 MSc Thesis Tamplin,MR
Simulators, Flatlands and Other Limitations to Evolving Robot Behaviour
MT9763 1997 MSc Thesis Spratling,MW
Artificialontogenesis: Cognitive and Behavioural Development for Robots
MT9762 1997 MSc Thesis Phon-Amnuaisuk,S
Four Voice Harmonisation for Hymn Tunes
MT9761 1997 MSc Thesis Stagg,CP
Using Incremental Evolution to Evolve Competent Agents for a 2-D Game Universe
MT9760 1997 MSc Thesis Skarvelis,N
Generating Fuzzy Classi
MT9758 1997 MSc Thesis Schmidt-Cornelius,HC
Map Building with Reactive Controllers
MT9756 1997 MSc Thesis Rood,CM
Grelogic: a System for Translating and Solving Gre Logic Problems Written in English
MT9754 1997 MSc Thesis Reyna-Acevedo,JP
Application of the Chc Genetic Algorithm to Some Real World Problems
MT9752 1997 MSc Thesis Ramos,S
A Neighbourhood Search Approach to Fpga Design
MT9750 1997 MSc Thesis Raithatha,D
Evolution and Co-Evolution of Pursuit-Evasion Tactics
MT9748 1997 MSc Thesis Ponsford,D
Statistical Music Modelling
MT9746 1997 MSc Thesis Papadopoulou,P
Investigating Backpropagation Through Time
MT9745 1997 MSc Thesis Papadopoulos,GP
A System for the Generation of Instrumental Solos in Jazz
MT9744 1997 MSc Thesis Papadopoulos,GT
Evolving Ears for Echolocation
MT9743 1997 MSc Thesis Paludetto,A
Cat'S Paws
MT9742 1997 MSc Thesis Oladiti,BT
User-Guided Evolutionary Algorithms
MT9740 1997 MSc Thesis Molyneux,BJ
Automating the Building of Rhetorical Structure Trees for Fables
MT9738 1997 MSc Thesis Miguel,IJ
Simulating Inverse Responses and Time-Delayed Behaviour with Fuzzy Qualitative Simulation
MT9736 1997 MSc Thesis Massios,NA
Predicting the Best Next View for a Laser Range Striper System
MT9734 1997 MSc Thesis McCluskey,KM
Time Series Prediction on Severe Head Injury Date
MT9732 1997 MSc Thesis Lewis,JP
A Comparative Study of Diploid and Haploid Binary Genetic Algorithms
MT9730 1997 MSc Thesis Keppens,J
Maintaining Uncertain Assumptions for Plausible Fault Diagnosis
MT9728 1997 MSc Thesis Horowitz,S
A Knowledge Management Tool for Computer Narratives
MT9726 1997 MSc Thesis Gibbins,NM
Agent-Based Resource Discovery in Distributed Information Systems
MT9724 1997 MSc Thesis Firth,NP
Periodic Orbits in Networks
MT9723 1997 MSc Thesis Farquhar,JD
Methods for Solving the Search and Rescue Problem Using Genetic Algorithms
MT9722 1997 MSc Thesis Dawson,BP
Rectangular 3D Models from Vision
MT9720 1997 MSc Thesis Da Silva,LP
Assumption-Based Reasoning for Dynamic Model Selection: Implementing the Graph of Models
MT9718 1997 MSc Thesis Cheong,WM
Feature-Detection in Brain-Injury Monitoring Data
MT9716 1997 MSc Thesis Chen,Y
Restricted Language for Describing Java Programs
MT9715 1997 MSc Thesis Chansky,RP
Wamjc: a Prolog-to-Java Compiler Via the Warren Abstract Machine
MT9714 1997 MSc Thesis Cafarella,MJ
Hippocampal Navigation, by Rat and by Robot
MT9712 1997 MSc Thesis Browitt,GC
Virtual Reality Telepresence Using a Mobile Robot
MT9710 1997 MSc Thesis Baron,P
Evolutionary Shape Optimisation Using a Voxel Based Representation
MT9708 1997 MSc Thesis Ashby,MJ
Generating Natural Language Descriptions of Plans for the Game of Bridge
MT9707 1997 MSc Thesis Anderson,KJ
An Investigation of Adaptive Neural Networks
MT9706 1997 MSc Thesis Amein,HA
An Intelligent Tool for Process Synthesis
MT9704 1997 MSc Thesis Alvarez Almazan,EG
Event Detection for Gas Turbine Monitoring
MT9702 1997 MSc Thesis Altmann,NA
An Investigation of Neighbourhood Search to Improve Cache Use
MT9687 1996 MSc Thesis Yobas,MB
Credit Scoring Using Neural and Evolutionary Techiques
MT9685 1996 MSc Thesis Winkelman,HL
Robot Control Using the Halperin Neuro-Connector Model
MT9683 1996 MSc Thesis Willis,AG
Exploring Chart Parsing Mechanisms
MT9681 1996 MSc Thesis Abud-Urbiola,J
Behaviour Based Navigation on Mobile Robots: Initial Experiments
MT9679 1996 MSc Thesis Tsai,M
Generating System Specifications from Application Requirements for Model-Based Diagnosis
MT9677 1996 MSc Thesis Spagocci,SM
Evolving Neurocontrollers and Body Plans of a Lego Robot
MT9675 1996 MSc Thesis Southall,JB
An 'Optical Paintbrush' for Virtual Reality Modelling
MT9673 1996 MSc Thesis Smith,FS
A Comparative Study of Inference Methods for Fuzzy Logic Control
MT9671 1996 MSc Thesis Siu,CC
Tmdoctor: a Fuzzy Rule- and Case-Based Expert System for Turbomachinery Diagnosis
MT9669 1996 MSc Thesis Sirris,VV
Development of Fuzzy Logic Techniques to Handle Uncertainty in Modelling Student Knowledge
MT9667 1996 MSc Thesis Sato,LM
The Evolution of an Algorithm to Prioritise Surgical Patients
MT9665 1996 MSc Thesis Sakellariou,I
Cassandra: a Contingency Planner for the Real World?
MT9663 1996 MSc Thesis Roberts,SL
Belief Revision
MT9661 1996 MSc Thesis Ratford,MS
The Single Chromosome'S Guide to Dating
MT9659 1996 MSc Thesis Pechoucek,M
Industrial Configuration and Proof Planning
MT9657 1996 MSc Thesis Nath,SN
Superant: Knowledge Discovery Using a Multi-Distributed Agent Collective
MT9655 1996 MSc Thesis Mitsakakis,N
Classification of Humpback Whalesong Units Using a Self Organising Feature Map
MT9653 1996 MSc Thesis Maudal,O
Preprocessing Data for Neural Network Based Classifiers - Rough Sets Vs Principal Component Analysis
MT9651 1996 MSc Thesis Koryllos,K
On-Line Image Processing Operator Demonstrations in Java
MT9649 1996 MSc Thesis Kim,J
Neural Networks for Motor Insurance Rating
MT9647 1996 MSc Thesis Kiernan,B
A Wave Rule Tutor
MT9645 1996 MSc Thesis Kazer,JF
A Genesis Simulation of the Hippocampus Region Ca1
MT9643 1996 MSc Thesis Kapeti,P
Tpps: Dynamic Natural Language Generation in Technical Domains
MT9641 1996 MSc Thesis Juan,T
The Cats Ears Project 1996
MT9639 1996 MSc Thesis Ijspeert,AJ
Modelling the Neural Controller of a Swimming Lamprey: a Comparison of Naturally and Artificially Evolved Networks
MT9637 1996 MSc Thesis Hubertz,TJ
Neural Networks for Time-Series Prediction
MT9635 1996 MSc Thesis Hoar,JS
Reinforcement Learning Applied to a Real Robot Task
MT9633 1996 MSc Thesis Hackett,D
An Its to Teach Malaria Stratification for the who - a Prototype
MT9631 1996 MSc Thesis Green,SD
Planning Actions in Dynamic Environments: a Unix Assistant
MT9629 1996 MSc Thesis Gauntlett,RM
Finding a Predictor of Fulminant Hepatic Failure (Fhf)
MT9627 1996 MSc Thesis Fujinami,Y
An Implementation of Japanese Grammar Based on Hpsg
MT9625 1996 MSc Thesis Dodd,RG
Don'T Look Now: Credibility Vs Kalman Filters
MT9623 1996 MSc Thesis Delahunty,A
Extension and Evaluation of a Rhythmic Analysis System
MT9621 1996 MSc Thesis De Almeida,M
Facial Feature Extraction
MT9619 1996 MSc Thesis Clare,AJ
Invisible Spelling Error Detection and Correction Using Statistical Methods
MT9617 1996 MSc Thesis Chong,KW
Multi-Agent Traffic Simulation - Street, Junction and Traffic Light
MT9615 1996 MSc Thesis Chan,SY
Multi-Agent Traffic Simulation-Vehicle
MT9613 1996 MSc Thesis Case,SJ
Using Fusim to Detect Inverse Responses
MT9611 1996 MSc Thesis Brooks,EL
Knowledge Inference Engine (Kie)
MT9609 1996 MSc Thesis Biris,E
A Fuzzy Logic Controller for the Navigation of a Small Mobile Robot
MT9607 1996 MSc Thesis Billard,A
"Allo Kazam, do You Follow Me?" or Learning to Speak Through Imitation for Social Robots
MT9605 1996 MSc Thesis Biris-Brilhante,VV
Inform-Logic: a System for Representing Uncertainty in Ecological Models
MT9603 1996 MSc Thesis Bailey,P
Generating Narrative Text Describing Events and Situations
MT9601 1996 MSc Thesis Aas,TA
Gait Selection in Hexapod Robots
MT9596 1995 MSc Thesis Wu,T
Using Mollusc to Guide Raise Proofs
MT9594 1995 MSc Thesis Whittle,JN
Analogy in Clam
MT9592 1995 MSc Thesis White,I
A Novel Process Based Plan Execution System
MT9590 1995 MSc Thesis Wheeler,R
Hybrid Tools for Intractable Problems: the Development of the who/Tb Integrated System
MT9588 1995 MSc Thesis Wehming,C
Gaze Control with an Active Stereo Vision Head
MT9586 1995 MSc Thesis Walker,T
Generating Neural Networks with Genetic Algorithms Using a Marker Based Encoding
MT9584 1995 MSc Thesis Vogiatzis,D
Symbiotic Evolution of Neural Networks
MT9582 1995 MSc Thesis Vagianou,E
"Alexandros" Interface Agents in Self-Organizing Systems: a Prototype
MT9580 1995 MSc Thesis Tuson,AL
Adapting Operator Probabilities in Genetic Algorithms
MT9578 1995 MSc Thesis Teran,N
Intelligent Support for Planning Domain Knowledge Acquisition
MT9576 1995 MSc Thesis Stevenson,M
A Menu Driven Approach to Natural Language Interfaces
MT9574 1995 MSc Thesis Sordo Sanchez,MM
Neural Nets for Detection of Down'S Syndrome
MT9573 1995 MSc Thesis Shepherd,S
Course Selector: a System to Support Course Selection in the Department of Artificial Intelligence
MT9572 1995 MSc Thesis Seldrup,I
A Customisable Hpsg-Based Natural Language Front-End
MT9570 1995 MSc Thesis Saady,R
Kle: a Kanji Learning Environment
MT9568 1995 MSc Thesis Robb,I
Simulated Annealing for Manufacturing Scheduling - an Infestigation
MT9566 1995 MSc Thesis Rivas-Palma,C
Applying Genetic Algorithms to Oil Tank and Pipeline Maintenance
MT9564 1995 MSc Thesis Rigas,N
Analog Neural Networks with Nonmonotonic Transfer Functions
MT9562 1995 MSc Thesis Richardson,S
A Genetic Algorithm for Optimising Inter-Planetary Trajectories
MT9561 1995 MSc Thesis Ribeiro,A
Natural Language Generation with Rhetorical Relations and Focus Theory
MT9560 1995 MSc Thesis Retalis,S
Investigating the Use of a Meta-Level Argumentation Framework as a Basis for Tutoring in Controversial Domains
MT9558 1995 MSc Thesis Ramirez-Najera,R
Interpreting Transmission Error Function for Gear Diagnosis
MT9556 1995 MSc Thesis Radix,C
Conceptual Design of Robots Using Evolutionary Algorithms
MT9554 1995 MSc Thesis Murphy,P
Evolving Natural Motions for Animation
MT9552 1995 MSc Thesis Moukas,A
Learning and Group Behaviour in Interacting Agents
MT9550 1995 MSc Thesis Mitchell,J
Domestic Bliss: Accommodation Allocation for International Students
MT9548 1995 MSc Thesis Masterton,S
Modeling Changing Interests in the Domain of Electronic News
MT9546 1995 MSc Thesis Mai,V
Developing of a Stereo Vision Head and Implementation of Tracking Algorithms
MT9544 1995 MSc Thesis Long,G
Need to Know: Using Ai for Effective Retrieval of "Everyday" Information
MT9542 1995 MSc Thesis Lewis,M
Music Abstractly Represented by Logical Expressions (Marble)
MT9540 1995 MSc Thesis Lambert,A
Properties of Convergence Zone Associative Memory: an Experimental Investigation
MT9538 1995 MSc Thesis Kim,D
Automated Pipe Route Generation Using Genetic Algorithms
MT9536 1995 MSc Thesis Jones,DC
Recognition of Ugaritic Characters from Clay Tablet Images
MT9534 1995 MSc Thesis Jack,D
Periodic Activity Detection
MT9532 1995 MSc Thesis Isard,A
Ssml: a Markup Language for Speech Synthesis
MT9530 1995 MSc Thesis Hatzis,A
Visualisation of Articulation for the Hearing Impaired with Self Organising Maps
MT9528 1995 MSc Thesis Grove,T
Attention Directed Iconic Object Matching
MT9526 1995 MSc Thesis Gonzalez Hernandez,LF
Evolutionary Divide and Conquer for the Set-Covering Problem
MT9524 1995 MSc Thesis Cheng,B
Plan Execution in an Environmental Domain
MT9522 1995 MSc Thesis Finlay,L
Data Mining Using a Multi-Agent Self-Organizing Clustering System
MT9520 1995 MSc Thesis Fairbank,M
A Neural Network Vision System Based on the Curvature Primal Sketch
MT9518 1995 MSc Thesis Dallari,B
Disambiguation of Compound Nouns by Domain-Specific Semantic Modelling
MT9516 1995 MSc Thesis Hart,E
Investigation of a Multiple Chromosome Evolutionary Algorithm for Bus Driver Scheduling and Other Problems
MT9514 1995 MSc Thesis Chong,T
Derivation and Use of Function in the Design of Chemical Processes
MT9512 1995 MSc Thesis Chandrinos,K
Quantifying Atherosclerotic Changes with Digital Image Processing
MT9510 1995 MSc Thesis Caraza Pancardo,L
Fault Trees for Logic Programs
MT9508 1995 MSc Thesis Birbilis,A
Recognizing Walking People
MT9506 1995 MSc Thesis Athanasiou,E
Phoevos, Applying a Meta-Level Architecture to a Kbs for Harmonisation
MT9504 1995 MSc Thesis Allen,J
Hector: the Use of Hyperschemas for Natural Language Generation in Exploratory Domains
MT9502 1995 MSc Thesis Aduana,G
Experiments in Rule Based Adaptive Control
MT94145 1994 MSc Thesis Wright,M
Incremental Semantic Interpretation in a Parallel, Modulas Environment
MT94144 1994 MSc Thesis Wolfart,E
Position Refinement for a Navigating Robot Using Motion Information Based on Honeybee Localisation Strategies
MT94143 1994 MSc Thesis Wilcox,M
Dispatch Scheduling Using Look-Ahead Bottleneck Analysis
MT94142 1994 MSc Thesis Turner,A
Genetic Algorithms and Multiple Distinct Solutions
MT94141 1994 MSc Thesis Theodorou,T
Neo-Dat an Expert System to Support the Deisgners of Clinical Trials.
MT94139 1994 MSc Thesis Tan,Y
Diagnosing Errors in Quantitative Electrical Circuit Problems
MT94138 1994 MSc Thesis Steuber,V
Theories of Memory in the Cerebellar Cortex
MT94137 1994 MSc Thesis Spratling,MW
Learning the Mapping Between Sensor and Motor Spaces to Produce Hand-Eye Coordination
MT94136 1994 MSc Thesis Silva,M
Firing Frequency: a Location Cue in Robot and Cricket Phonotaxis
MT94135 1994 MSc Thesis Scott,J
Madlab; Masking and Multiple Bug Diagnosis
MT94134 1994 MSc Thesis Schurig,A
Rudy - a Tool for Defining and Evaluating Qualitative Combining Functions in a Belief Network
MT94133 1994 MSc Thesis Saksida,L
Instrumental Conditioning of a Mobile Robot: the Use of the Halperin Neuro-Connector Model for Robot Control
MT94132 1994 MSc Thesis Robbie,C
Implementing a Generative Grammar for Music
MT94131 1994 MSc Thesis Reeve,R
Control of Walking by Central Pattern Generators
MT94130 1994 MSc Thesis Puleston,C
Automatic Graph Drawing by Heuristic Search
MT94129 1994 MSc Thesis Pildain-Legorburu,U
Supporting Choice in Medical Diagnosis
MT94128 1994 MSc Thesis Parkes,A
Generator Induction for Relational Proofs, Logic Program Synthesis and Reasoning About Database Systems
MT94127 1994 MSc Thesis Marin,HT
A Comparison of Ga-Based Methods and Graph-Colouring Methods for Solving Timetabling Problems.
MT94126 1994 MSc Thesis Li,J
Vehicle Scheduling Using Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solving Techniques
MT94125 1994 MSc Thesis Lewington,S
A Debugging Environment for Cpl
MT94124 1994 MSc Thesis Lee,W
Navigation Using Smart Ultrasonic Ranging Sensors
MT94123 1994 MSc Thesis Ku,K
Analysis of Island Ga
MT94122 1994 MSc Thesis Khoo,S
The Interactive Vehicle Scheduling System
MT94121 1994 MSc Thesis Keenan,A
Detection of Data Trends in Computerised Cot Monitoring
MT94120 1994 MSc Thesis Kati,S
A Graphical Knowledge-Based Decision Support Tool
MT94118 1994 MSc Thesis Jennens,J
Quasi-Invariant Iconic Object Recognition
MT94117 1994 MSc Thesis Hely,T
The Sparse Distributed Memory : a Neurobiologically Plausible Memory Model ?
MT94116 1994 MSc Thesis Hebenstreit,J
A New Model Matcher for the Imagine Ii Object Recognition System
MT94115 1994 MSc Thesis Gingell,S
Extension of Lau'S 1992 Simulation of Marr'S Theory of the Neocortex
MT94114 1994 MSc Thesis Fussey,R
The Baldwin Effect
MT94113 1994 MSc Thesis Fontana,F
The Cat'S Eyes: a Vision System Based on Linear Ccd Cameras
MT94112 1994 MSc Thesis Eskes,M
An Evolutionary Algorithm for the Frequency Assignment Problems
MT94111 1994 MSc Thesis Mota,Ed
Temporal Representation of Ecological Knowledge
MT94110 1994 MSc Thesis Dennis,L
An Exploration of Semantic Resolution
MT94109 1994 MSc Thesis Chen-Burger,J
Kbst: a Support Tool for Business Modeling in Bsdm
MT94108 1994 MSc Thesis Chen,M
Using Co-Evolution Gas to Find Robust Dodgem Players
MT94107 1994 MSc Thesis Cheetham,N
Modelling Foraging Behaviour in Formica Aquilonia
MT94106 1994 MSc Thesis Castro,A
Tbpg - a Techniques-Based Program Generator
MT94105 1994 MSc Thesis Brown,P
Recognition of Artifact in Computerised Cot Monitoring
MT94104 1994 MSc Thesis Benaki,E
Emergency! Intelligent Data Retrieval for Emergency Incident Support
MT94103 1994 MSc Thesis Babeanu,A
Steerable Ears for Robotic Cat
MT94102 1994 MSc Thesis Anthoni,T
Recognition and Location of Ugaritic Character Stylus Strokes from Clay Tablet Images
MT94101 1994 MSc Thesis Anagnostopoulou,C
A General-Purpose Computational Procedure for Music Analysis
MT93139 1993 MSc Thesis Yoshida,T
Coloured Rippling
MT93138 1993 MSc Thesis Willington,M
A Directed Automated Dialogue System for Eliciting, Representing and Accessing Knowledge in the Domain of Agroforestry
MT93137 1993 MSc Thesis Taylor,TJ
Learning to Coordinate Behaviours on a Four-Legged Robot
MT93136 1993 MSc Thesis Steen,A
Robots as Molecules: Statistical Mechanics for Velocity Control
MT93135 1993 MSc Thesis Seah,C
Cpa: a Case-Based Prolog Advisor
MT93134 1993 MSc Thesis Scott,M
Connectionist Action Selection with a Lego Vehicle
MT93133 1993 MSc Thesis San-Roman-Leon,G
A System for Recognising and Selecting Provisions and Case Histories in Building Regulations
MT93132 1993 MSc Thesis Robertson,S
A Kbs to Assist in Selecting an Expert System Building Tool
MT93131 1993 MSc Thesis Rezaei,S
Constraint- Based Parsing of a Free Word Order Language: Persian
MT93130 1993 MSc Thesis Pugh,R
The Use of Neural Networks in the Prediction of Acute Myocardial Infarction and Complications
MT93129 1993 MSc Thesis Pizey,T
Repair Strategies in English
MT93128 1993 MSc Thesis Perkins,SJ
Real Time Optical Flow Based Range Sensing on Mobile Robots
MT93127 1993 MSc Thesis Narine,G
Implementing a Wave Rule Parser in Clam
MT93126 1993 MSc Thesis Monroy-Borja,R
The Use of Abduction to Correct Faulty Conjectures
MT93125 1993 MSc Thesis Mccoy,S
Cars Tracker
MT93124 1993 MSc Thesis Mak,H
An Information Flow Modelling System
MT93123 1993 MSc Thesis Long,S
Tiempo - a Call Tool for Teaching Spanish Verbs
MT93122 1993 MSc Thesis Leung,S
Basic Gene Grammars and Dna-Chart Parser - a Simple Dna Parsing System.
MT93121 1993 MSc Thesis Lerman,M
An Intelligent Pld Programming Tool
MT93120 1993 MSc Thesis Kick,A
Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation in a Complex and Real Environment Using Bee-Like Localization
MT93119 1993 MSc Thesis Issa,I
Pruning the Search Space of the Somass Soma Planner
MT93118 1993 MSc Thesis Henson,R
Short-Term Associative Memories
MT93117 1993 MSc Thesis Gray,B
T-Prolog - a Temporal Logic for an Ecological Domain
MT93116 1993 MSc Thesis Good,J
Pubs: Exploiting Conceptual Conflict in Learning Prolog Unification
MT93115 1993 MSc Thesis German,C
A Comparison of Simple Rule and Task-Based Diagnostic Systems in the Agroforestry Domain
MT93114 1993 MSc Thesis Gathercole,C
A Classifier System Plays a Simple Board Game - Getting Down to the Basics of Machine Learning ?
MT93113 1993 MSc Thesis Funk,P
Development and Maintenance of Large Formal Specifications Supported by Case-Based Reasoning
MT93112 1993 MSc Thesis Filloy-Garcia,E
A Connectionist Architecture for Robust Reasoning
MT93111 1993 MSc Thesis Fan,S
Using Genetic Algorithms for Job-Sequencing msc Dissertation
MT93110 1993 MSc Thesis Evans,R
The Synthesis of Efficient Programs
MT93109 1993 MSc Thesis Dirks,S
Development of a Knowledge-Based System for Personal Financial Planning Guided by Pragmatic Kads
MT93108 1993 MSc Thesis Dick,C
Classification Based Language Generation in Turkish
MT93107 1993 MSc Thesis Dalgarno,M
Single Machine Scheduling Using Partial Constraint Satisfaction
MT93106 1993 MSc Thesis Corsava,S
A Neural Network Based Facial Feature Detector
MT93105 1993 MSc Thesis Chippendale,M
Automating Proofs in Constructive Analysis
MT93104 1993 MSc Thesis Chesters,W
Connectionist Reinforcement Learning in a Real Robot
MT93103 1993 MSc Thesis Campbell,J
A Cheap Mobile Robot
MT93102 1993 MSc Thesis Binsted,K
Computer Generation of Linguistically Definable Riddles
MT93101 1993 MSc Thesis Asher,D
Convent - a Bridge Bidding System
MT92160 1992 MSc Thesis Zaki,OF
Encoding Schemes for Mapping Between Orthography and Phonolgy in Connectionist Networks
MT92159 1992 MSc Thesis Wren,DO
Finding Robot Grasping Points from Range Data
MT92158 1992 MSc Thesis Walker,AV
Bee-Haviour in a Mobile Robot the Construction of a Self-Organized Cognitive Map and Its Use in Robot Navigation Within a Complex Natural Environment
MT92157 1992 MSc Thesis Vassiliadis,V
An Implementation of Pandora
MT92156 1992 MSc Thesis Vahed,A
The Recall Performance of Multiple Associative Memories
MT92155 1992 MSc Thesis Tsitsogiannis,I
An Automated msc Advisor a Methodological Approach
MT92154 1992 MSc Thesis Treasure-Jones,TF
Investigation into the Feasibility of Using Explanation and Ill-Formed Parsing Techniques Within an Its for Deaf Children
MT92153 1992 MSc Thesis Tipping,ME
Real-Time Recurrent Learning for Neural Networks: Reducing Training Time and Learning Linear Tasks
MT92152 1992 MSc Thesis Chiam-Tiat,S
Bugpress Tutor a System for Tutoring Teachers in the Skill of Debugging a Student'S Algebraic Errors
MT92151 1992 MSc Thesis Smith,SE
The Design and Construction of a Portable Database Query Language Paraphraser
MT92150 1992 MSc Thesis Smart,WD
Location Recognition with Neural Networks in a Mobile Robot
MT92149 1992 MSc Thesis Salib,MA
Using Refinement Logic in Requirements Capture and Program Generation
MT92148 1992 MSc Thesis Rodriguez-Camarena,EP
A Rule Based Consistency Checker
MT92147 1992 MSc Thesis Roberts,B
Temporal Ordering of Events in Discourse
MT92146 1992 MSc Thesis Redington,FM
A Statistical Approach to Syntax Acquisition
MT92145 1992 MSc Thesis Ramirez-Dominguez,EC
Representation and Use of Intent in the Engineering Design Process
MT92144 1992 MSc Thesis Price,SJ
The Kads Approach to the Design of Steel Structures
MT92143 1992 MSc Thesis Porter,ID
A Subsumption Architecture Development Environment
MT92142 1992 MSc Thesis Pettinaro,GC
Thresholding Images: Neural Net vs. Human Performance
MT92141 1992 MSc Thesis Perez-Minana,E
Stochastic Image Restoration: Clean Images and Their Likelihood
MT92140 1992 MSc Thesis Park,N
A Connectionist Representation of Rules, Facts, and Dynamic Bindings of Variables
MT92139 1992 MSc Thesis Pake,M
An Optimiser for an Spl Based Text Generator
MT92138 1992 MSc Thesis Pagonis,E
Tailoring New Lemmas from Existing Theorems
MT92137 1992 MSc Thesis Nunes,A
Summing Series with Proof Plans
MT92136 1992 MSc Thesis Noon,BM
A Braille Translator and Braille Maths Tutor
MT92135 1992 MSc Thesis McLean,RG
Testing and Extending the Incidence Calculus
MT92134 1992 MSc Thesis Marshall,SS
A Tool for Authoring Idas Action Representations
MT92133 1992 MSc Thesis Manning,AJ
Representing Preference in Proof Plans
MT92132 1992 MSc Thesis MacNee,CA
Pdq: a Knowledge Based System to Help Knowledge-Based System Designers to Select Knowledge Representation and Inference Techniques
MT92131 1992 MSc Thesis Low,PL
Sensorless Soma Part Orientation
MT92130 1992 MSc Thesis Lau,SL
Analysis of Marr'S Model of Neocortex
MT92129 1992 MSc Thesis Kuscu,I
A Model of Evolution of Cooperation in Iterated Prosoner'S Dilema
MT92128 1992 MSc Thesis Kime,PL
Extended Kamp Notation and Conceptual Structure
MT92127 1992 MSc Thesis Kim,T
The Development of Vibration Sensors as Event Signature Sensors in Assembly
MT92126 1992 MSc Thesis Kendon,GB
An Investigation of Back-Propagation for Arterial Blood Pressure Wave Classification
MT92125 1992 MSc Thesis Keedy,GD
Using Art to Model Indigenous Knowledge
MT92124 1992 MSc Thesis Kaggelides,K
Locating the Eyes in Ct Brain Scan Data
MT92123 1992 MSc Thesis Iliopoulos,AT
Computing Action Plans from Logical Representations in a Natural Language Front-End
MT92122 1992 MSc Thesis Huang,X
Tolerant Planning and Negotiation in Automated Guided Vehicle Systems
MT92121 1992 MSc Thesis Hernandez,ER
A Training Aid for Debugging Prolog
MT92120 1992 MSc Thesis Hegazy,MA
The Expert Aof: a Rule-Based Expert System for Audit Opinion Formation
MT92119 1992 MSc Thesis Greenwood,JD
Map Building with a Lego Robot
MT92118 1992 MSc Thesis Genotal,P
A Decision Support Tool for Ecological Resource Managers
MT92117 1992 MSc Thesis Gabriel,DS
Tx: a Prolog Explanation System
MT92116 1992 MSc Thesis Free,NJ
Summing Series Using Proof Plans
MT92115 1992 MSc Thesis Fang,H
Investigating Genetic Algorithms for Scheduling
MT92114 1992 MSc Thesis Day,JG
Belief in Mental Spaces
MT92113 1992 MSc Thesis Chuang,PS
Implementation of Active Vision on Mobile Robot Ben Hope: a Real-Time Edge-Tracking System
MT92112 1992 MSc Thesis Christophers,RA
Precategorical Segmentation Using Disparity
MT92111 1992 MSc Thesis Chan,N
Soma Parts Recognition Using a Steerable Whisker Sensor
MT92109 1992 MSc Thesis Bryson,JJ
The Subsumption Strategy Development of a Music Modelling System
MT92108 1992 MSc Thesis Blake,AV
A Generic Semantic Graph Editor
MT92107 1992 MSc Thesis Bispo,EM
Automatic Model Building from Segmented Range Data
MT92106 1992 MSc Thesis Berendt,B
Computing Belief Revision
MT92105 1992 MSc Thesis Bellos,I
Towards a Multilingual Idas
MT92104 1992 MSc Thesis Avner,S
An Optimal Decision Tree
MT92103 1992 MSc Thesis Androutsopoulos,I
Interfacing a Natural Language Front-End to a Relational Database
MT92102 1992 MSc Thesis Aguilar-Chongtay,RM
The Role of Correlations in the Development of the Visual System
MT92101 1992 MSc Thesis Abbas,FS
Representing Design Information and Constraints

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