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Documents from: 1999

Informatics Series Report

0001 1999 Informatics Series Report ; Bundy,A
A Survey of Automated Deduction
0002 1999 Informatics Series Report Bundy,A
The Automation Of Proof By Mathematical Induction
0003 1999 Informatics Series Report Bundy,A; Richardson,J
Proofs About Lists Using Ellipsis
0004 1999 Informatics Series Report Dennis,L; Bundy,A; Green,I
Making a Productive Use of Failure to Generate Witnesses for Coinduction from Divergent Proof Attempts

MSc Thesis

MT9846 1999 MSc Thesis Walther,MS
Evolutionary Data Mining
MT9901 1999 MSc Thesis Yates,AJ
Modelling Interactions
MT9902 1999 MSc Thesis Eddy,BD
Word Sense Disambiguation Using Common Sense Knowledge
MT9903 1999 MSc Thesis Chantree,FJ
Multilingual Natural Language Generation in English and Danish
MT9904 1999 MSc Thesis Sameshima,C
Here's Looking at You: Finding Gaze Direction in Faces
MT9905 1999 MSc Thesis Yarlett,DG
Semantic Information in Similarity-Based Transfer: Reimplementing the MAC/FAC Model
MT9906 1999 MSc Thesis Lacey,DJ
Logic Program Synthesis via Proof Planning in LambdaClam
MT9907 1999 MSc Thesis Costa,E
Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows
MT9908 1999 MSc Thesis Dura,E
The development of a MINDSTORMS LEGO robot to play a competitive ball game
MT9909 1999 MSc Thesis Safar,E
Language Generation in Hungarian
MT9910 1999 MSc Thesis MacLean,EA
Generalisation as a critic to the induction strategy
MT9911 1999 MSc Thesis Steel,GJ
Cross-Domain concept Formation Using HR
MT9912 1999 MSc Thesis Boussios,I
Identifying and organising product offers in e-commerce.
MT9913 1999 MSc Thesis Araujo,IE
Effects of Topographic Projections in a Two-Layer Model of Hippocampal Function
MT9914 1999 MSc Thesis Smith,ML
Reinforcement Learning within a Multi-Agent Adversarial Soccer
MT9915 1999 MSc Thesis Schmansky,NJ
Emergent Properties of an Artificial Neural Network
MT9916 1999 MSc Thesis Goroll,N
(The Deep Blue) Nile: Neuronal Influences on Language Evolution ---Connectionist models for the simulation of the evolution of language
MT9917 1999 MSc Thesis Eschle,NA
From Causal Graphs to Explanations in Natural
MT9918 1999 MSc Thesis Ahrens,RH
An Analysis of the Role of Semantic information in Veale & Keane's Sapper model of analogy.
MT9919 1999 MSc Thesis Said,R
Evolutionary Robotics Using Probabilistic Incremental Program Evolution
MT9920 1999 MSc Thesis Sadler,RA
Design and Development of a Robotic Volleyball Team
MT9921 1999 MSc Thesis Hsu,W
Automatic Synthesis of Web Sites for Research Groups
MT9922 1999 MSc Thesis Xiao,Y
A Graphical User Interaction Model for A Diagnostic DecisionSupport System
MT9923 1999 MSc Thesis Romahi,YS
Fuzzy Rule Induction Based Financial Forecasting

PhD Thesis

PT9915 1999 PhD Thesis Jamnik,M
Automating Diagrammatic Proofs of Arithmetic Arguments

Research Paper

RP927 1999 Research Paper Kalfoglou,I; Robertson,DS
An Experiment in Applying Ontologies to Augment and Reason about the Correctness of Specifications
RP937 1999 Research Paper Lecoeuche,R; Robertson,DS; Barry,C; Mellish,CS
Evaluating Focus Theories for Requirements Elicitation
RP938 1999 Research Paper Whittle,JN; Cumming,A
Evaluating Environments for Functional Programming
RP939 1999 Research Paper Whittle,JN; Bundy,A; Boulton,R; Lowe,H
An ML Editor Based on Proofs-as-Programs
RP940 1999 Research Paper Carbogim,DV; Robertson,DS; Lee,J
Extending the Abstract Argumentation Framework to Include Argument Dynamics
RP941 1999 Research Paper Robertson,C; Fisher,RB; Werghi,N; Ashbrook,A
An Evolutionary Approach to Fitting Constrained Degenerate Second Order Surfaces
RP942 1999 Research Paper Robertson,C; Fisher,RB; Corne,D; Werghi,N; Ashbrook,A
Investigating Evolutionary Optimisation of Constrained Functions to Capture Shape Descriptions from Range Data
RP944 1999 Research Paper Colton,SG; Bundy,A
Automatic Concept Formation in Pure Mathematics
RP945 1999 Research Paper Werghi,N; Fisher,RB; Robertson,C; Ashbrook,A
Object Reconstruction by Incorporating Geometric Constraints in Reverse Engineering
RP946 1999 Research Paper Werghi,N; Fisher,RB; Robertson,C; Ashbrook,A
Shape Reconstruction Incorporating Multiple Non-linear Geometric Constraints
RP947 1999 Research Paper Gadanho,S; Hallam,JC
Emotion-triggered Learning in Autonomous Robot Control
RP948 1999 Research Paper Kalfoglou,I; Robertson,DS
Managing Ontological Constraints
RP949 1999 Research Paper Bundy,A; Richardson,J
Proof Planning Methods as Schemas
RP950 1999 Research Paper Bundy,A
A Survey of Automated Deduction
RP951 1999 Research Paper Bundy,A
The Automation of Proof by Mathematical Induction
RP952 1999 Research Paper Kalfoglou,I
Panel Discussion notes: Knowledge Maintenance - The Role of Formal Ontologies
RP955 1999 Research Paper Carmena,J; Hallam,JC
Improving performance in a multi-robot task through minimal communication

DP198 1999 Or,HC
Biologically Inspired Amphibian Robot: the Control of an Amphibian Robot using Artificial Neural Oscillatory Circuits Generated by Evolutionary Algorithms - PhD Thesis Proposal
RP943 1999 Colton,SG
Refactorable Numbers - A Machine Invention
RP953 1999 Bundy,A; Gow,JI; Green,I
Extensions to the Estimation Calculus
RP954 1999 Biris,E
Automatic Modelling using Bayesian Networks for Explanation Generation
RP956 1999 Kalfoglou,I; Robertson,DS; Tate,AB
Using Meta-Knowledge at the Application Level

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