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Invited Talks

To Be Announced
Robert Goldstone

To Be Announced
James Hopkins

Dynamic Similarity: The Zany World of Processing Similarity
Mark Keane

Why do nearest-neighbour algorithms do so well?
Brian Ripley

Accepted Presentations

Dissociation Between Categorization And Similarity Judgment: Differential Effect Of Causal Status On Feature Weights
Ahn, W & Dennis, M

Categorising Qualatitive States: Some Problems
Bermudez, J L

Two Bases for Similarity Judgments within a Category
Brooks, L, Vokey, J and Higham, P

Similarity and Categorisation Inextricably Bound Together: The UNSCRAMBLE Machine Learning Algorithm
Cambouropolos, E and Smaill, A

Representational Distortion, Similarity and the Universal Law of Generalization
Chater, N and Hahn, U

An ecological approach to similarity and categorisation in music
Clarke, E and Dibben, N

The Use of Classification in Automated Mathematical Concept Formation
Colton, S, Cresswell, S and Bundy, A

Similarity in processes of categorisation: Imprint formation as a prototype effect in music listening
Deliege, I

An algebraic approch to similarity and categorisation
Dastani, M and Indurkhya, B

Categorisation for odors: what makes smells similar?
Dubois, D, Rouby, C and Chevalier, G

Similarity-based viewspace interpolation and the categorization of 3D objects
Edelman, S and Duvdevani-Bar, S

Induction and Inherent Similarity
Ellison, M

Abstract not available
Franks, B and Braisby, N

Dimensional Vs. Gestalt Approach to the Process of Categorization
Frumkina, R

Similarity and Categorization
Hampton, J

Similarity- and Difference Oriented Similarity Comparisons
Hassin, R

Features of Similarity and Category-Based Induction
Heit, E

Case-Based Training Using Similarity and Categorization from a Multiple Correspondence Analysis
Jeffrey, N, Teather D, and Teather B,A

Similarity Effects in Artificial Grammar Learning
Johnstone, T and Shanks, D

What Can We Do With Small Corpora? Document Categorization Via Cross-Entropy
Juola, P

Perceived Similarity of Musical Motifs: An Exploratory Study
Lamont, A and Dibben, N

Similarity and Depiction
Lee, J

Vantage Theory in Cognitive Science: An Anthropological Model of Categorization and Similarity Judgement
MacLaury, R

Category Learning with Minimal Knowledge
Murphy, G and Kaplan, A

Models of Similarity for Case-Based Reasoning
Osborne, H and Bridge, D

An Exemplar-Based Random Walk Model of Perceptual Categorization
Palmeri, T

Warping Similarity Space in Category Learning by Human Subjects: The Role of Task Difficulty
Pevtzow, R and Harnad, S

Rules vs. Similarity in Artificial Grammar Learning
Pothos, E and Bailey, T

Wittgenstein and the representation of psychological categories
Ramscar, M

Language Loss and the Categorical Judgments of Colour
Roberson, D and Davidoff, J

Combining Different Domain Models into a Contextual Similarity Function
Rodriguez, A

Perceptual Scale Information For Face Categorizations
Schyns, P and Oliva, A

Are Bottles Similar to One Another? Sorting and Naming by Chinese, Argentinians, and Americans
Sloman, S, Malt, B, Shi, M, Gennari, S and Wang, Y

Timing Effects in Categorisation
Spencer, J

A Bayesian Framework for Concept Learning
Tennenbaum, J

Warping similarity space in category learning by backprop nets
Tijsseling, A and Harnad, S

On the Relationship between Categorization and Similarity Judgments
Thibaut, JP

Case-Base Refinement Using the REFINER Systems
Winter, M and Sleeman, D

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