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Research Paper #831

Title:Developing of Vibration Sensors as Event Signature Sensors in Assembly
Authors:Kim,T; Malcolm,CA; Hallam,JC
Date:Oct 1996
Presented:Appears in the Proceedings of IASTED, International Conference on Robotics and Manufacturing, Sept. 23-25, 1993, Oxford
Abstract:In an assembly task, which involves moving and fitting parts, one of the most important kinds of information for a robot is event signatures - information about something happening or changing. This paper describes two types of inexpensive event signature sensors for assembly robots, using piezo electric PVDF film. One type of sensor developed detects the change of force on the contact surface of the robot finger and the other tye detects sound occurring during an assembly. These sensors have been used dynamically in an asembly task performed by an Adept1 robot, demonstrating the suitability for assembly tasks.

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