Workshop Program:

The Workshop was one day long, with two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The subjects of the sessions were:
  1. Architectures of animals and animats
  2. Behaviours of animals and animats


Talk1: Introduction by Dr. John Hallam (Robotics, Edinburgh): Abstract

Part1: ARCHITECTURES of animals and animats

Keywords: sensory systems, sensory-motor coordination systems, cognitive systems.

Talk2: Prof. I.M.L. Donaldson (Neuroscience, Edinburgh): Abstract

Talk3: Prof. David Willshaw (Cognitive Science, Edinburgh): Abstract

Talk4: Dr. Tony Prescott (Robotics, Sheffield): Abstract

Panel session with Prof. I.Donaldson, Dr. John Hallam, Dr. Gareth Jones (School of Biological Sciences, U. of Bristol), Dr. Tony Prescott, Dr. Michael Recce (Dept. of Anatomy, U.C.L.) and Prof. David Willshaw.
Chair: Ashley Walker (Dept. of AI, Edinburgh)

Part2: BEHAVIOURS of animals and animats

Keywords: behaviours, action selection, learning, communication.

Talk5: Dr. David McFarland (Zoology, Oxford): Abstract

Talk6: Dr. Brendan McGonigle (Psychology, Edinburgh): Abstract

Talk7: Dr. Barbara Webb (Robotics, Nottingham): Abstract

Panel session with Dr. John Deag (Dept. of Zoology, U. of Edinburgh), Dr. Gillian Hayes (Dept. of A.I., U. of Edinburgh), Dr. David McFarland, Dr. Brendan McGonigle and Dr. Barbara Webb. Chair: Simon Perkins (Dept. of AI, Edinburgh)

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