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Documents from: 1987

Journal Paper

JP1086 1987 Journal Paper Fisher,RB
SMS: A Suggestive Modeling System For Object Recognition
JP1087 1987 Journal Paper Fisher,RB
Representing 3D Structures for Visual Recognition
JP1089 1987 Journal Paper Orr,M; Fisher,RB
Geometric Reasoning for Computer Vision

Paper in Conference Proceedings

PP1105 1987 Paper in Conference Proceedings Fisher,RB
Model Invocation for Three Dimentional Scene Understanding
PP1106 1987 Paper in Conference Proceedings Fisher,RB
Modeling Second-Order Volumetric Features
PP1144 1987 Paper in Conference Proceedings Fisher,RB
Model Invocation for Three Dimentional Scene Understanding

PhD Thesis

PT8703 1987 PhD Thesis Allan,J
An Application of Optical Interference to Dynamic Position Measurement in Three Dimensions
PT8705 1987 PhD Thesis Brna,P
Confronting Science Misconceptions with the Help of a Computer.
PT8707 1987 PhD Thesis Fleming,A
Analysis of Uncertainties and Geometric Tolerences in Assemblies of Parts.
PT8709 1987 PhD Thesis Inder,R
The Computer Simulation of Syllogism Solving Using Restricted Mental Models.
PT8711 1987 PhD Thesis Owen,S
Finding and Using Analogies to Guide Mathematical Proof.
PT8714 1987 PhD Thesis Plummer,D
Gazing: a Technique for Controlling the Use of Rewrite Rules.

Working Paper

WP200 1987 Working Paper Cai,L
Diffusion Smoothing of Dense Range Data
WP201 1987 Working Paper Moffat,D; Ritchie,GD
A Preliminary Formalization of Nonlinear Planners
WP202 1987 Working Paper Heald,S
A Discussion of Modelling Schemes Used in Robotics and Vision Systems
WP203 1987 Working Paper Orr,M
Geometric Constraints in 3D Computer Vision
WP204 1987 Working Paper Orr,M
Coordinate Transforms Using Quaternions
WP205 1987 Working Paper Fisher,RB
Solving Algebraic Constraints in a Parallel Network, as Applied to Geometric Reasoning
WP206 1987 Working Paper Jackson,P
Abstract Architectures for Knowledge Engineering
WP207 1987 Working Paper Aylett,J; Fisher,RB; Fothergill,A
Wpfm: the Workspace Prediction and Fast Matching System
WP208 1987 Working Paper Jackson,P; Reichgelt,H
A General Proof Method for Arbitrary First-Order Modal Logics
WP209 1987 Working Paper Jackson,P; Reichgelt,H
A Modal Proof Method for Doxastic Reasoning in Incomplete Theories
WP210 1987 Working Paper Fisher,RB
Details of a Network Engine for Algebraic and Geometric Reasoning
WP211 1987 Working Paper Fisher,RB
The Design of Imagine Ii Scene Analysis Program
WP212 1987 Working Paper Brna,P; Bundy,A; Pain,HG; Lynch,L
Impurities and the Proposed Prolog Story

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