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Please note that only documents submitted internally to the documentation secretary or publications secretary are recorded and that for a document to be online all authors must have signed a copyright waiver form and a postscript version of the document must have been made available. This page does not necessarily represent a complete and accurate account.
WP269 1998 Working Paper Taylor,TJ
Nidus Design Document
WP268 1998 Working Paper Tuson,AL
An Initial Investigation of the Flowshop Sequencing Problem
WP267 1998 Working Paper Tuson,AL
Directing Search Using an Idle-Time Heuristic for the Flowshop Sequencing Problem
WP266 1998 Working Paper Tuson,AL
An Examination of Recombination in the Flowshop Sequencing Problem
WP265 1998 Working Paper Tuson,AL
An Examination of Alternative Representations for the Permutation Flowshop Sequencing Problem
WP264 1998 Working Paper Tuson,AL
Issues and Aspects in the Development of a Prototype Emergency Resource Redistribution System for the Developing World
WP263 1997 Working Paper Taylor,TJ
The Cosmos Artificial Life System
WP262 1997 Working Paper Whittle,JN
A Survey of Analogical Approaches to Programming
WP261 1996 Working Paper Tuson,AL; Wheeler,R; Ross,PM
A Prototype Resource Management System for the Third World
WP260 1996 Working Paper Jamnik,M
Diagrammatic Reasoning Systems
WP259 1996 Working Paper Taylor,TJ
The Cosmos Environment and Replica Programming Language
WP258 1996 Working Paper Taylor,TJ
On the Incorporation of a Developmental Process in a System of Self-Replicating Programs
WP257 1995 Working Paper Wright,M; Deacon,G
Orienting 2.5D Objects of Arbitrary Shape
WP256 1994 Working Paper Carrera-Sanchez,R
The Mode Analysis for Logic Programs in Toads
WP255 1994 Working Paper Negrete-Yankelevich,S
Some Examples of Proof Planning in Logical Frameworks
WP254 1994 Working Paper Monroy-Borja,R
Abduction Mechanisms
WP253 1993 Working Paper Brna,P
Computer Aided Recognition of Misconceptions About Simple Electrical Circuits
WP241 1993 Working Paper Hayes,GM
None yet
WP252 1992 Working Paper Brna,P
How do Beliefs Affect the Construction of Electrical Circuits ?
WP251 1992 Working Paper Brna,P
Experiments in Circuit Construction: do Students Reason with, and About Processes ?
WP250 1992 Working Paper Brna,P
Guiding and Supporting the Exploration of Electrical Circuits
WP249 1992 Working Paper Brna,P
The Specification of Objects, Processes and Concepts
WP240 1992 Working Paper Frank,I
Further Thoughts on Interleaving Bridge Suit-Plans
WP239 1992 Working Paper Frank,I
Interleaving Independently Derived Bridge Suit-Plans
WP238 1992 Working Paper Deacon,G
An Algorithm for Orienting Objects in a Minimum Number of Robot Sweeping Motions
WP237 1992 Working Paper Balch,P
Force Sensing in an Industrial Assembly - Progress Report
WP236 1992 Working Paper Balch,P
Direct Rtx Controller - Hardware Description
WP235 1992 Working Paper Balch,P
A Software Architecture for Robot Assembly
WP234 1992 Working Paper Balch,P
Rtcserl - Controlling the Rtx Via the Pc and a Serial Line Command Interface
WP233 1992 Working Paper Orr,M
On Estimating Rotations
WP232 1992 Working Paper Orr,M
A Mickey Mouse Guide to Kalman Filtering
WP248 1991 Working Paper Brna,P
Recognising Objects in Electrical Circuits
WP247 1991 Working Paper Brna,P
The Structural Description of Electrical Objects
WP246 1991 Working Paper Brna,P
A Framework for Describing Misconceptions in Relation to Building Simple Electrical Circuits
WP245 1990 Working Paper Brna,P
An Outline Design for a System to Explore the Automated Recognition of Misconceptions
WP244 1990 Working Paper Brna,P
Representing Circuit Construction Tasks
WP243 1990 Working Paper Brna,P
Issues Relating to the Circuit Animator
WP242 1990 Working Paper Brna,P
The Representation of Electrical Processes
WP231 1990 Working Paper Baker,S
Notes on the Implementation of the Cut Elimination Theorem
WP230 1990 Working Paper Dehua,L
On the Huge Thinking Systems
WP229 1990 Working Paper Dehua,L
The Various Models of Social (Collective) Thinking Processes in Scientific Research
WP228 1990 Working Paper Cai,L
Zero-Drift Effects in Location of Tangent Joins of Planar Curves
WP227 1990 Working Paper Carletta,J
A General Architecture for Interactive Explanations
WP226 1990 Working Paper Thornton,C
The Representation of Abstract Classes
WP225 1990 Working Paper Thornton,C
Knowledge Quantification and Algorithmic Complexity
WP224 1990 Working Paper Thornton,C
Generalised Clustering and the Construction of Template-Based Representations
WP223 1990 Working Paper Thornton,C
The Combinatorics of Leaky Learning
WP222 1990 Working Paper Thornton,C
Vertical Bias Shifts
WP221 1990 Working Paper Thornton,C
Three Types of Incorrect Description Bias
WP220 1989 Working Paper Petropoulakis,L
Robot Orientation Angles Evaluation and Limitations - the Adept 1
WP219 1989 Working Paper Petropoulakis,L; Malcolm,CA; Howe,J
Rapt: an Assessment of an Off-Line System for Programming Robotic Assemblies
WP218 1989 Working Paper Nowell,P
A Trained Dtw Algorithm for Word Spotting in Phoneme Strings
WP217 1988 Working Paper Whitelock,P
The Organisation of a Bilingual Lexicon
WP216 1988 Working Paper Robertson,DS; Bundy,A; Muetzelfeldt,B; Uschold,M
The Ecologic System - See Technical Paper
WP215 1988 Working Paper Robertson,A
Tolerance Representation in Ai-Based Design
WP214 1988 Working Paper Horn,C
The Nurprl Proof Development System
WP213 1988 Working Paper Guinchiglia,F
On Tautology Decision Techniques
WP212 1987 Working Paper Brna,P; Bundy,A; Pain,HG; Lynch,L
Impurities and the Proposed Prolog Story
WP211 1987 Working Paper Fisher,RB
The Design of Imagine Ii Scene Analysis Program
WP210 1987 Working Paper Fisher,RB
Details of a Network Engine for Algebraic and Geometric Reasoning
WP209 1987 Working Paper Jackson,P; Reichgelt,H
A Modal Proof Method for Doxastic Reasoning in Incomplete Theories
WP208 1987 Working Paper Jackson,P; Reichgelt,H
A General Proof Method for Arbitrary First-Order Modal Logics
WP207 1987 Working Paper Aylett,J; Fisher,RB; Fothergill,A
Wpfm: the Workspace Prediction and Fast Matching System
WP206 1987 Working Paper Jackson,P
Abstract Architectures for Knowledge Engineering
WP205 1987 Working Paper Fisher,RB
Solving Algebraic Constraints in a Parallel Network, as Applied to Geometric Reasoning
WP204 1987 Working Paper Orr,M
Coordinate Transforms Using Quaternions
WP203 1987 Working Paper Orr,M
Geometric Constraints in 3D Computer Vision
WP202 1987 Working Paper Heald,S
A Discussion of Modelling Schemes Used in Robotics and Vision Systems
WP201 1987 Working Paper Moffat,D; Ritchie,GD
A Preliminary Formalization of Nonlinear Planners
WP200 1987 Working Paper Cai,L
Diffusion Smoothing of Dense Range Data

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