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Please note that only documents submitted internally to the documentation secretary or publications secretary are recorded and that for a document to be online all authors must have signed a copyright waiver form and a postscript version of the document must have been made available. This page does not necessarily represent a complete and accurate account.
TP16 Technical Paper Perez-Minana,E
Stochastic Image Restoration: Clean Images and Their Likelihood
TP15 Technical Paper Park,N
A Connectionist Representation of Rules, Facts, and Dynamic Bindings of Variables
TP14 Technical Paper Kim,T
The Development of Vibration Sensors as Event Signature Sensors Inassembly
TP13 Technical Paper Huang,X
Tolerant Planning and Negotiation in Automated Guided Vehicle Systems
TP12 Technical Paper Fang,H
Investigating Genetic Algorithms for Scheduling
TP11 Technical Paper Androutsopoulos,I
Interfacing a Natural Language Front-End to a Relational Database
TP47 1998 Kalfoglou,I
Applying Ontological Engineering to Ecological Modelling: Detection of Conceptual Errors
TP46 1998 Technical Paper Kalfoglou,I; Robertson,DS
Error Detection in Specifications based on Ontologies
TP45 1997 Technical Paper Billard,A
No Title
TP44 1997 Technical Paper Peremans,H; Walker,AV; Hallam,JC
A Biologically Inspired Sonarhead
TP43 1996 Technical Paper Billard,A
Allo Kazam, do You Follow Me ?
TP42 1996 Technical Paper Ijspeert,AJ
Modelling the Neural Controller of a Swimming Lamprey: a Comparison of Naturally and Artificially Evolved Networks
TP41 1996 Technical Paper Lund,HH; Cuenca,Ed; Hallam,JC
A Simple Real-Time Mobile Robot Tracking System
TP40 1996 Technical Paper Tuson,AL; Ross,PM
Optimise: a Testbed for Meta-Heuristic Optimisation
TP39 1996 Technical Paper Mota,Ed; Robertson,DS; Muetzelfeldt,R
On the Granular Aspects of Time in Simulation Models
TP38 1996 Technical Paper Westhead,M
None yet
TP37 1995 Technical Paper Pientka,B
A Heuristic for Case Analysis
TP36 1995 Technical Paper Rock,S
Visualising Multiple or Extended Execution of Eventualities
TP34 1995 Technical Paper Pettinaro,GC; Malcolm,CA
Two-Handed Robotic System
TP32 1995 Technical Paper Dil,A
Multi-Transputer Blackboard System: Software Documentation
TP31 1994 Technical Paper Mota,Ed
Temporal Representation of Ecological Knowledge
TP30 1994 Technical Paper Lee,W
Navigation Using Smart Ultrasonic Ranging Sensors
TP29 1994 Technical Paper Castro,A
Tbpg - a Techniques-Based Program Generator
TP28 1994 Technical Paper Pettinaro,GC; Malcolm,CA
Electric Gripper Development
TP27 1994 Technical Paper Vasconcelos,W
A Method of Extracting Prolog Programming Techniques
TP35 1993 Technical Paper Pettinaro,GC; Malcolm,CA
A Program for Describing Two Similar Assemblies
TP26 1993 Technical Paper Funk,P
Development and Maintenance of Large Formal Specifications Supported by Case-Based Reasoning
TP25 1993 Technical Paper Binsted,K
Computer Generation of Linguistically Definable Riddles
TP24 1993 Technical Paper Madden,P
A Review of Work Relating to Program Transformation
TP23A 1993 Technical Paper Richards,B
Mollusc User'S Guide Version 1.1
TP22 1993 Technical Paper Hallam,JC
None yet
TP21 1993 Technical Paper Hallam,JC
None yet
TP20 1993 Technical Paper Lowe,H
The Clem Configuration System
TP17A 1993 Technical Paper Colles,TE; Hallam,JC; Smithers,T
Control Process Language Compiler User Manual
TP9 1992 Technical Paper Wu,X
Hcv User'S Manual
TP8 1992 Technical Paper Negrete-Yankelevich,S
Hint Mechanism for Clam
TP7 1992 Technical Paper Madden,P
Tutorial Guide to the Clam Proof Planner
TP19 1992 Technical Paper Haggith,MC
Teak - Tools for Eliciting Agroforestry Knowledge
TP18 1992 Technical Paper Orr,M
On Composing Rotations
TP10 1992 Technical Paper Baker,S
Core Manual
TP6 1991 Technical Paper Forster,P
A Transputer-Based Autonomous Mobile Robot
TP33 1991 Technical Paper Hallam,JC
Cars: an Experminet in Real-Time Intelligent Control
TP5 1990 Technical Paper Pirie,N; Crabtree,B; Crouch,R; Pulman,S; Moffat,D; Ritchie,GD; Tate,AB
A Natural Language Interface to an Intelligent Planning System - System Documentation
TP4 1989 Technical Paper van Harmelen,F
The Clam Proof Planner
TP3 1988 Technical Paper Brna,P; Bundy,A; Pain,HG
Prolog: a Survey of Available Tools
TP2 1988 Technical Paper Robertson,DS
An Experiment in Increasing the Execution Speed of Prolog Simulation Programs Using Meta-Interpreters
TP1 1988 Technical Paper Robertson,DS; Bundy,A; Muetzelfeldt,B; Uschold,M
The Ecologic System

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