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Please note that only documents submitted internally to the documentation secretary or publications secretary are recorded and that for a document to be online all authors must have signed a copyright waiver form and a postscript version of the document must have been made available. This page does not necessarily represent a complete and accurate account.
JP1118 1998 Journal Paper Eggert,D; Fitzgibbon,AW; Fisher,RB
Simultaneous Registration of Multiple Range Views for Use in Reverse Engineering of CAD Models
JP1090 1998 Journal Paper Fisher,RB; Orr,M
Solving Geometric Constraints in a Parallel Network
JP1194 1997 Journal Paper Bundy,A; Giunchiglia,F; Villafiorita,F; Walsh,T
Abstract proof checking: an example motivated by an Incompleteness Theorem (RP809)
JP1117 1997 Journal Paper Pilu,M; Fisher,RB
Model-Driven Grouping and Recognition of Generic Object Parts from Single Images
JP1116 1997 Journal Paper Pilu,M; Fisher,RB
Part Segmentation from 2D Edge Images by the MDL Criterion
JP1083 1997 Journal Paper Eggert,D; Lorusso,A; Fisher,RB
Estimating 3-D rigid body transformations: A comparison of four major algorithms
JP1082 1997 Journal Paper Borges,D; Fisher,RB
Class-based recognition of 3D Objects represented by volumetric primitives
JP1081 1997 Journal Paper Fitzgibbon,AW; Eggert,D; Fisher,RB
High-level CAD Model Acquisition from Range Images
JP993 1996 Journal Paper Conlon,T; Pain,HG
Persistent Collaboration: A Methodology for AIED
JP1123 1996 Journal Paper Wright,M; Fitzgibbon,AW; Giblin,P; Fisher,RB
Convex Hulls, Occluding Contours, aspect graph and the Hough transform
JP1122 1996 Journal Paper
An Experimental Comparison of Range Segmentation Algorithms
JP1071 1996 Journal Paper Thompson,HS
Corpus work at HCRC
JP1068 1996 Journal Paper Mota,Ed; Robertson,DS; Smaill,AD
NatureTime: Temporal Granularity in Simulation of Ecosystems
JP1067 1996 Journal Paper Fuchs,N; Robertson,DS
Declarative Specification
JP1062 1996 Journal Paper Bundy,A; Giunchiglia,F; Sebastiani,R; Walsh,T
Calculating Criticalities
JP1061 1996 Journal Paper Kraan,I; Basin,D; Bundy,A
Middle-Out Reasoning for Synthesis and Induction
JP1060 1996 Journal Paper Ireland,A; Bundy,A
Productive Use of Failure in ......Proof
JP1059 1996 Journal Paper Liu,W; Bundy,A
Constructing Probabilistic (ATMS) using Incidence Calculus
JP1052 1996 Journal Paper Miglino,O; Lund,HH; Nolfi,S
Evolving Mobile Robots in simulated and Real Environment
JP1046 1996 Journal Paper Peremans,H; Veelaert,P
Tri-aural Perception on the Batmobile
JP1041 1996 Journal Paper Mitsakakis,N; Fisher,RB; Walker,AV
Classification of Humpback Whalesong Units using a Self Organizing Feature Mapt
JP1024 1996 Journal Paper Wright,M; Fitzgibbon,AW; Giblin,P; Fisher,RJ
Convex Hulls, Occluding Contours, Aspect Graphs and the Hough Transform
JP1023 1996 Journal Paper Hoover,A; Jean-Baptiste,G; Jaing,X; Flynn,P; Bunke,H; Goldgof,D; Bowyer,K; Eggert,D; Fitzgibbon,AW; Fisher,RJ
An Experimental Comparison of Range Segmentation Algorithms
JP1018 1996 Journal Paper Taylor,J; Carletta,J; Mellish,CS
Requirements for Belief Models in Cooperative Dialogue
JP1017 1996 Journal Paper Carletta,J; Mellish,CS
Risk-Taking and recovery in Task-Oriented Dialogue
JP1016 1996 Journal Paper Knott,A; Mellish,CS
A Feature-Based Account of the Relations Signalled by ...
JP989 1995 Journal Paper Leitch,R; Chantler,M; Brown,K; Kane,T; Shen,Q
Modelling Choices in Intelligent Systems
JP988 1995 Journal Paper Leitch,R; Freitag,H; Tornielli,G; Shen,Q
Composing Model Based Diagnostic Systems
JP987 1995 Journal Paper Shen,Q; Leitch,R
Diagnosing Continuous Systems with Qualitative Dynamic Models
JP977 1995 Journal Paper Mellish,CS
Natural Language Generation and Technical Documentation
JP975 1995 Journal Paper Yangs,S; Robertson,DS
A Case-Based Reasoning System to Support the Relaxation of Building Regulations
JP922 1995 Journal Paper Androutsopoulos,I; Ritchie,GD; Thanisch,P
Natural Language Interfaces to Databases - an Introduction
JP918 1995 Journal Paper Kendon,GB; Walker,DA; Robertson,DS; Haggith,MC; Sinclair,F; Muetzelfeldt,R
Supporting Customised Reasoning in the Agroforesty Domain
JP917 1995 Journal Paper Park,N; Robertson,DS; gardner,K
Extension of the Temporal Synchrony Approach to Dynamic Variable Binding in a Connectionist Inference System
JP916 1995 Journal Paper Robertson,DS; Haggith,MC; Kendon,GB; Agusti,J; Goldsborough,D
The Application of Logic Programming to Decision Support Systems in Ecology
JP901 1995 Journal Paper Borges,D; Bispo,EM; Fisher,RB
Tenicas de Aquisicao Automatica de Modelos Geometrica para Reconhecimento e Inspecao
JP900 1995 Journal Paper Trucco,E; Fisher,RB
Experiments in Curvature-Based Segmentation of Range Data
JP888 1995 Journal Paper Reiter,E; Mellish,CS; Levine,J
Automatic Generation of Technical Documentation
JP886 1995 Journal Paper Bull,S; Pain,HG; Brna,P
Mr Collins: a Collaboratively Constructed, Inspectable Student Model for Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning
JP885 1995 Journal Paper Bull,S; Brna,P; Pain,HG
Extending the Scope of the Student Model
JP880 1995 Journal Paper Conlon,T; Bowman,N
Expert Systems, Shells and Schools
JP875 1995 Journal Paper McLean,R; Bundy,A; Liu,W
Assignment Methods for Incidence Calculus
JP1085 1995 Journal Paper Fisher,RB
Is Computer Vision still AI?
JP870 1994 Journal Paper Bundy,A
a Subsumption Architecture for Theorem Proving
JP761 1994 Journal Paper Ross,PM; Corne,D
Applications of Genetic Algorithms
JP752 1994 Journal Paper Robertson,DS; Agusti,J; Hesketh,J; Levy,J
Expressing Program Requirements Using Refinement Lattices
JP745 1994 Journal Paper Liu,W; Bundy,A
a Comprehensive Comparison between Generalized Incidence Calculus and the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence
JP744 1994 Journal Paper MacQueen,H; Bundy,A
the New Software Copyright Law
JP743 1994 Journal Paper Bundy,A
What is the Difference between Ral Creativity and Mere Novelty
JP739 1994 Journal Paper Bowles,A; Robertson,DS; Vasconcelos,W; Vargas-Vera,M; Bental,D
Applying Prolog Programming Techniques
JP737 1994 Journal Paper Bull,S
Learning Languages: Implications for Student Modelling in ICALL
JP736 1994 Journal Paper Bull,S
Student Modelling for Second Language Acquisition
JP721 1994 Journal Paper Hallam,B; Halperin,J; Hallam,JC
An Ethological Model for Implementation in Mobile Robots
JP720 1994 Journal Paper Hallam,JC; Malcolm,CA
Behaviour: Perception, Action and Intelligence - the View from Situated Robotics
JP701 1994 Journal Paper Ritchie,GD
Commentary on Kaplan and Ray
JP699 1994 Journal Paper Knott,A; Dale,R
Using Linguistic Phenomena to Motivate a Set of Coherence Relations
JP685 1994 Journal Paper Gent,I
Proof Systems for Fourteen Logics of Counterfactuals
JP1206 1994 Journal Paper Hallam,B; Halperin,J; Hallam,JC
An Ethological Model for Implementation in Mobile Robots
JP687 1993 Journal Paper Smithers,T; Tang,M; Ross,PM; Tomes,N
Supporting Drug Design Using an Incremental Learning Approach
JP684 1993 Journal Paper Gent,I
Theory Matrices (for Model Logics) using Alphabetical Monotonicity
JP683 1993 Journal Paper Gent,I; Walsh,T
An Empirical Analysis of Search in GSAT
JP679 1993 Journal Paper Trucco,E
Segmentation of Slice Data Using Regularity
JP677 1993 Journal Paper Ireland,A
On Exploiting the Structure of Martin-Lofs Theory of Types
JP640 1993 Journal Paper Smaill,AD; Wiggins,G
Hierarchical Music Representation
JP623 1993 Journal Paper Fisher,RB; Trucco,E; Fitzgibbon,AW; Orr,M; Waite,M
Imagine - a 3-D Vision System
JP335 1993 Journal Paper Bundy,A; Stevens,A; van Harmelen,F; Ireland,A; Smaill,AD
Rippling: a Heuristic for Guiding Inductive Proofs
JP328 1993 Journal Paper Fisher,RB; Trucco,E; Fitzgibbon,AW
Acquisition and Interpretation of 3-D Data in Machine Vision
JP323 1993 Journal Paper Smaill,AD; Wiggins,G; Miranda,E; Harris,M
a Framework for the Evaluation of Music Representation Systems
JP322 1993 Journal Paper Smaill,AD; Wiggins,G; Harris,M
Hierarchical Music Representation for Analysis and Composition
JP193 1993 Journal Paper Wu,X
Inductive Learning: Algorithms and Frontiers
JP181 1993 Journal Paper Trucco,E
Part Segmentation of Slice Data Using Regularity
JP142 1993 Journal Paper Giunchiglia,F; Walsh,T
the Inevitability of Inconsistent Abstract Spaces
JP128 1993 Journal Paper Bundy,A; Stevens,A; van Harmelen,F; Ireland,A; Smaill,AD
Rippling: a Heuristic for Guiding Inductive Proofs
JP125 1993 Journal Paper Brna,P
Teaching Prolog Techniques
JP329 1992 Journal Paper Fisher,RB
THESIS PREVENTION 2 -- a Student of Father Hacker Replies
JP298 1992 Journal Paper Kingston,J
Pragmatic KADS: a Methodological Approach to a Small KBS Project
JP295 1992 Journal Paper Kingston,J
Knowledge Based Systems in the UK Financial Sector
JP294 1992 Journal Paper Fraser,J; Harrison,I
Preselecting Well Test Interpretation Models Using External Data
JP293 1992 Journal Paper Fraser,J
What is Artificial Intelligence
JP292 1992 Journal Paper Drabble,B
a Program for Planning and Reasoning with Processes
JP230 1992 Journal Paper Baldock,R
Trainable Models for the Interpretation of Biomedical Images
JP229 1992 Journal Paper Baldock,R; Bard,J; Kaufmann,M; Davidson,D
a Real Mouse for Your Computer
JP224 1992 Journal Paper King,K
AI: Real Solutions for Developing Countries
JP217 1992 Journal Paper Mellish,CS
Natural Language Generation from Plans
JP213 1992 Journal Paper Cox,R; Hulme,C; Brown,G
STM Experimenter: Using HYPERCARD and MACRORECORDER in Short-Term Memory Experiments
JP202 1992 Journal Paper Guinchiglia,F; Ferrari,C; Traverso,P; Trucco,E
Understanding Scene Descriptions by Integrating Different Sources of Knowledge
JP200 1992 Journal Paper Ritchie,GD
Languages Generated by Two-Level Morphological Rules
JP195 1992 Journal Paper Wu,X
a Frame Based Architecture for Information Integration in CIMS
JP173 1992 Journal Paper Smithers,T; Tang,M; Tones,M; Buck,P; Clarke,B; Lloyd,G
Development of a Knowledge-Based Design Support System
JP151 1992 Journal Paper Logan,B
Understanding Problem Structure as Heuristic Formation in Design
JP141 1992 Journal Paper Giunchiglia,F; Walsh,T
a Theory of Abstraction
JP140 1992 Journal Paper Guinchiglia,F; Ferrari,C; Traverso,P; Trucco,E
Understanding Scene Descriptions by Integrating Different Sources of Knowledge
JP139 1992 Journal Paper Gent,I
a Sequent- or Tableau-style System for Lewis's Counter-Factual Logic VC
JP138 1992 Journal Paper Bowles,A
Trends in Applying Abstract Interpretation
JP134 1992 Journal Paper Fisher,RB
Representation, Extraction and Recognition with Second-order Topographic Surface Features
JP89 1991 Journal Paper Robertson,DS
Multi-Level Cooperative Dialogue in Intelligent Front Ends
JP34 1991 Journal Paper Lowe,H
Extending the Proof Plan Methodology to Computer Configuration
JP33 1991 Journal Paper Mellish,CS
the Description Identification Problem
JP32 1991 Journal Paper Looi,C
Automatic Debugging of Prolog Programs in a Prolog Intelligent Tutoring System
JP31 1991 Journal Paper Hallam,JC
Playing with Toy Cars: An Experiment in Real-Time Control
JP30 1991 Journal Paper Fisher,RB; Orr,M
Geometric Reasoning in a Parallel Network
JP29 1991 Journal Paper Dale,R; Haddock,N
Content Determination in the Generation of Referring Expressions
JP28 1991 Journal Paper Bundy,A; van Harmelen,F; Hesketh,J; Smaill,AD
Experiments with Proof Plans for Induction
JP27 1991 Journal Paper Bundy,A; Grosse,G; Brna,P
a Recursive Techniques Editor for Prolog
JP26 1991 Journal Paper Smith,B; van Someren,M; Brna,P; Bundy,A; Dodd,T; Eisenstadt,M; Looi,C; Pain,HG; Robertson,DS
Prolog Programming Techniques
JP25 1991 Journal Paper Brna,P; Brayshaw,M; Bundy,A; Dodd,T; Elsom-Cook,M; Fung,P
An Overview of Prolog Debugging Tools
JP24 1991 Journal Paper Brna,P; Pain,HG; du Boulay,B
Teaching, Learning and Using Prolog: Supporting the Programmer
JP23 1991 Journal Paper Brna,P
Promoting Creative Confrontations
JP104 1991 Journal Paper Trucco,E
Inferring Convex Subparts from Slice Data
JP584 1990 Journal Paper Trehan,R; Wilk,P
Issues of Non-Determinism in Prolog and the Commited Choice Non-Deterministic Logic Languages
JP577 1990 Journal Paper Thompson,HS
Best-First Enumeration of Paths through a Lattice - An Active Chart Parsing Solution
JP550 1990 Journal Paper Smithers,T; Conkie,A; Doheny,J; Logan,B; Millington,K; Tang,M
Design as Intelligent Behaviour: An AI in Design Research Program
JP549 1990 Journal Paper Smithers,T; Troxell,W
Design is Intelligent Bahaviour, but What's the Formalism?
JP548 1990 Journal Paper Smithers,T
the Pretenders New Clothes
JP523 1990 Journal Paper Malcolm,CA; Smithers,T
Symbol Grounding via a Hybrid Architecture
JP520 1990 Journal Paper Moffat,D; Ritchie,GD
Modal Queries about Partially-Ordered Plans
JP515 1990 Journal Paper King,K; Beck,H
Medical AI Systems as Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries
JP503 1990 Journal Paper Guinchiglia,F; Walsh,T
Abstraction in AI
JP499 1990 Journal Paper Fisher,RB
Geometric Constraints from Planar Surface Patch Matchings
JP486 1990 Journal Paper Dale,R
a Rule-Based Approach to Computer-Assisted Copy Editing
JP436 1990 Journal Paper Brna,P
a Methodology for Confronting Science Misconceptions
JP432 1990 Journal Paper Brna,P; Pain,HG; du Boulay,B
Teaching Learning and Using Prolog: Understanding Prolog
JP430 1990 Journal Paper Brna,P
a Computer Based Methodology to Aid in Confronting Science Misconceptions
JP595 1989 Journal Paper Thompson,HS
Linguistics Corpora for the Language Industry: a European Community Public Utility
JP589 1989 Journal Paper Thornton,C
Learning Mechanism which Construct Neighbourhood Representations
JP588 1989 Journal Paper Thornton,C
a Cross Section of European Research
JP565 1989 Journal Paper Scott,R; Trehan,R
Translating from Prolog to Occam 2: a Methodology
JP559 1989 Journal Paper Smithers,T; Malcolm,CA
Programming Robotic Assembly in Terms of Task Achieving Behavioural Modules
JP542 1989 Journal Paper Robertson,DS; Bundy,A; Uschold,M; Muetzelfeldt,B
the ECO Program Construction System: Ways of Increasing its Representation Power and Their Affects on the User Interface
JP413 1989 Journal Paper Mellish,CS; Evans,R
Natural Language Generation from Plans
JP412 1989 Journal Paper Muetzelfeldt,R; Robertson,DS; Uschold,M; Bundy,A
the Use of Prolog for Improving the Rigour and Accessibility of Ecological Modelling
JP391 1989 Journal Paper Logan,B
Conceptualising Design Knowledge
JP386 1989 Journal Paper Kwa,J
BS*: An Admissible Bidirectional Staged Heuristic Search Algorithm
JP349 1989 Journal Paper Cawsey,A
Expanatory Dialogues
JP345 1989 Journal Paper Bundy,A; Sterling,L; O'Keefe,R; Silver,B
Solving Symbolic Equations with Press
JP339 1989 Journal Paper Brna,P
Programmed Rockets: An Analysis of Students' Strategies
JP1124 1988 Journal Paper Trucco,E; Fisher,RB; Fitzgibbon,AW; Naidu,D
Calibration, Data Consistency and Model Acquisition with a 3-D Laser Striper
JP1098 1988 Journal Paper Fothergill,A; Fisher,RB; Aylett,J
Predictive Computer Vision for Robotic Assembly
JP1089 1987 Journal Paper Orr,M; Fisher,RB
Geometric Reasoning for Computer Vision
JP1087 1987 Journal Paper Fisher,RB
Representing 3D Structures for Visual Recognition
JP1086 1987 Journal Paper Fisher,RB
SMS: A Suggestive Modeling System For Object Recognition
JP291 1002 Journal Paper Currie,K; Drabble,B
Knowledge-Based Planning Systems: a tour
JP713 94 Journal Paper Ross,PM; Corne,D
Applications of Genetic Algorithms

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