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Research Paper #447

Title:An Emerging Paradigm in Robot Architecture
Authors:Malcolm,CA; Smithers,T; Hallam,JC
Date:Oct 1989
Presented:Invited paper presented at the Intelligent Autonomous Systems 2 Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 11-14 Dec., 1989
Abstract:It is suggested that the architecture commonly presumed for intelligent autonomous systems (robots) is derived from an AI model of the 1970s, at the time when robotics and AI diverged. An example of this is considered, and the general underlying assumptions discussed. some difficulties of robotics implementations according to this model are considered, and contrasted with the success of some recent robotics work in AI which makes different assumptions. It is argued that these several efforts show sufficient similarity to warrant the suggestion that they comprise the emergence of a new paradigm in robot architecture. The features of this new paradigm are discussed.

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