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Documents Authored by: Louise Pryor

Please note that only papers and publications recorded in this departments database are shown here. An author may have many other papers and publications produced while working elsewhere which are not listed here. This page does not therefore represent a definitive list of this authors work.

Paper in Conference Proceedings

PP1050 1996 Paper in Conference Proceedings Wickler,GJ; Pryor,L
On Competence and Meta-Knowledge
PP1051 1996 Paper in Conference Proceedings Wickler,GJ; Pryor,L
Competence and Capability Assessment
PP729 1994 Paper in Conference Proceedings Pryor,L; Collins,G
Opportunities: a Unifying Framework for Planning and Execution

Research Paper

RP822 1996 Research Paper Li,M; Hallam,JC; Pryor,L; Chan,SY; Chong,KW
A Cooperative Intelligent System for Urban Traffic Problems
RP738 1995 Research Paper Pryor,L
Decisions, Decisions: Knowledge Goals in Planning
RP749 1995 Research Paper Collins,G; Pryor,L
Planning Under Uncertainty: Some Key Issues

Teaching Paper

TE12 1994 Teaching Paper Pryor,L
Quick Prolog

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