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Documents Authored by: Jeremy Wyatt

Please note that only papers and publications recorded in this departments database are shown here. An author may have many other papers and publications produced while working elsewhere which are not listed here. This page does not therefore represent a definitive list of this authors work.

Discussion Paper

DP134 1993 Discussion Paper Wyatt,J
Learning and Behaviour - Thesis Proposal

PhD Thesis

PT9820 1998 PhD Thesis Wyatt,J
Exploration and Inference in Learning from Reinforcement

Research Paper

RP850 1997 Research Paper Hoar,JS; Wyatt,J; Hayes,GM
Multiple Evaluation Techniques for Robot Learning
RP783 1996 Research Paper Wyatt,J; Hayes,GM; Hallam,JC
Investigating the Behaviour of Q(Lambda)
RP784 1996 Research Paper Wyatt,J
Issues in Putting Reinforcement Learning Onto Robots

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