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Documents on: object recognition

RP722 1994 Research Paper Hasselbring,W; Fisher,RB
Investigating Parallel Interpretation-Tree Model Matching Algorithms with Proset-Linda
PP16 1991 Paper in Conference Proceedings Fisher,RB
Recognition with Second-Order Topographic Surface Features
JP1082 1997 Journal Paper Borges,D; Fisher,RB
Class-based recognition of 3D Objects represented by volumetric primitives
CB4 1991 Chapter in Edited Book Fisher,RB
SMS: a Suggestive Modeling System for Object Recognition
PP758 1994 Paper in Conference Proceedings Borges,G; Fisher,RB
a Radial Basis Function Neural Network for Parts Identification of these Divisional Shapes
RP717 1994 Research Paper Fisher,RB
Best-First and Ten Other Variations of the Interpretation-Tree Model Matching Algorithm
JP499 1990 Journal Paper Fisher,RB
Geometric Constraints from Planar Surface Patch Matchings

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