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PhD Thesis Documents

Please note that only documents submitted internally to the documentation secretary or publications secretary are recorded and that for a document to be online all authors must have signed a copyright waiver form and a postscript version of the document must have been made available. This page does not necessarily represent a complete and accurate account.
PT9915 1999 PhD Thesis Jamnik,M
Automating Diagrammatic Proofs of Arithmetic Arguments
PT9820 1998 PhD Thesis Wyatt,J
Exploration and Inference in Learning from Reinforcement
PT9815 1998 PhD Thesis Trewin,SM
Towards Intelligent, Adaptive Input Devices for Users with Physical Disabilities
PT9810 1998 PhD Thesis Gathercole,C
An Investigation of Supervised Learning in Genetic Programming
PT9805 1998 Dennis,L
Proof Planning Coinduction
PT9723 1997 PhD Thesis Wren,DO
Planning Dextrous Robot Hand Grasps from Range Data, Using Preshapes and Digit Trajectories
PT9720 1997 PhD Thesis Walker,AV
One Tone, Two Ears, Three Dimensions: An investigation of qualitative echolocation strategies in synthetic ats and real robots
PT9715 1997 PhD Thesis Deacon,G
Accomplishing Task-Invariant Assembly Strategies by Means of an Inherently Accommodating Robot Arm
PT9709 1997 PhD Thesis Cantu Ortiz,F
Proof Planning for Automating Hardware Verification
PT9703 1997 PhD Thesis Bull,S
Collaborative Student Modelling in Foreign Language Learning
PT9701 1997 PhD Thesis Aguilar-Chongtay,RM
Model Based System for Automated Analysis of Biomedical Images
PT9629 1996 PhD Thesis Tang,M
Knowledge-Based Design Support and Inductive Learning
PT9628 1996 PhD Thesis Rock,S
Understanding Natural Language about Multiple Eventualities and Continuous Eventualities
PT9627 1996 PhD Thesis Richardson,J
The Use of Proof Plans for Transformation of Functional Programs by Changes of Data Type
PT9625 1996 PhD Thesis Pilu,M
Part-Based Grouping and Recognition: a Model-Guided Approach
PT9623 1996 PhD Thesis Pettinaro,GC
Basic Set of Behaviours for Programming Asembly Robots
PT9621 1996 PhD Thesis Knott,A
A Data-Driven Methodology for Motivating a Set of Coherence Relations
PT9619 1996 PhD Thesis Kim,T
Development of Pvdf Tactile Dynamic Sensing in a Behaviour-Based Assembly Robot
PT9618 1996 PhD Thesis Huang,X
Metaphor-based Negotiation and Its Application in AGV Movement Planning
PT9617 1996 PhD Thesis Haggith,MC
A Meta-Level Argumentation Framework for Representing and Reasoning About Disagreement
PT9615 1996 PhD Thesis Frank,I
Search and Planning Under Incomplete Information a Study Using Bridge Card Play
PT9613 1996 PhD Thesis Cunliffe,D
Biomedical Applications of Belief Networks
PT9611 1996 PhD Thesis Cox,R
Analytical Reasoning with Multiple External Representations
PT9609 1996 PhD Thesis Borges,D
Recognizing Three-Dimensional Objects Using Parameterized Volumetric Models
PT9607 1996 PhD Thesis Bispo,EM
An Analysis of the Inspection of Mechanical Parts Using Dense Range Data
PT9605 1996 PhD Thesis Binsted,K
Machine Humour: An Implemented Model of Puns
PT9603 1996 PhD Thesis Aziz,N
The Use of Belief Revision to Model Contradictions and Entrenched Misconceptions
PT9601 1996 PhD Thesis Androutsopoulos,I
A Principled Framework for Constructing Natural Language Interfaces to Temporal Databases
PT9514 1995 PhD Thesis Yeh,C
Generation of Anaphors in Chinese
PT9512 1995 PhD Thesis Yang,S
Kics: Representation of Regulatory Information and the Use of Case-Based Reasoning to Support the Relaxation Process
PT9510 1995 PhD Thesis de Vasconcelos,W
Extracting, Organising, Designing and Reusing Prolog Progamming Techniques
PT9508 1995 PhD Thesis Vargas-Vera,M
Using Prolog Techniques to Guide Program Composition
PT9506 1995 PhD Thesis Liu,W
Extended Incidence Calculus and Its Comparison with Related Theories
PT9504 1995 PhD Thesis Busatto-Neto,R
The Use of Proof Planning in Normalisation
PT9502 1995 PhD Thesis Agustin Molina,E
Improving Performance of Blackboard Systems
PT9430 1994 PhD Thesis Nakata,K
A Causal Reasoning Approach to Behaviour-Oriented Design
PT9425 1994 PhD Thesis Kraan,I
Proof Planning for Logic Program Sythesis
PT9415 1994 PhD Thesis Guest,E
Automatic Reconstruction from Serial Sections
PT9410 1994 PhD Thesis Fang,H
Genetic Algorithms in Timetabling and Scheduling
PT9325 1993 PhD Thesis Wu,X
Knowledge Acquisition from Data Bases
PT9321 1993 PhD Thesis Webb,B
Perception in Real and Artificial Insects: a Robotic Investigation of Cricket Phonotaxis
PT9319 1993 PhD Thesis Sentance,S
Recognising and Responding to English Article Using Errors; an Icall Based Approach
PT9317 1993 PhD Thesis Manandhar,S
Relational Extensions to Feature Logic: Applications to Constraint Based Grammars
PT9313 1993 PhD Thesis Lowe,H
The Application of Proof Plans to Computer Configuration Problems
PT9311 1993 PhD Thesis King,K
Making Diagnosis Explicit
PT9309 1993 PhD Thesis How,K
A Processing Framework for Temporal Analysis and Its Application to Instructional Texts
PT9305 1993 PhD Thesis Bernaras Iturrioz,A
A Method for Understanding Experimental Computer Programs in Artificial Intelligence Research
PT9303 1993 PhD Thesis Bental,D
Recognising the Design Decisions in Prolog Programs as a Prelude to Critiquing
PT9234 1992 PhD Thesis Wilson,MS
Achieving Reliability Using Behavioural Modules in a Robotic Assembly System
PT9231 1992 PhD Thesis Nehmzow,U
Experiments in Competence Acquisition for Autonomous Mobile Robots
PT9228 1992 PhD Thesis Matthews,S
Metalevel and Reflexive Extension in Mechanical Theorem Proving
PT9225 1992 PhD Thesis Donnett,J
Analysis and Synthesis in the Design of Locomotor and Spatial Competences for a Multisensory Mobile Robot
PT9222 1992 PhD Thesis Crocker,M
A Logical Model of Competence and Performance in the Human Sentence Processor
PT9219 1992 PhD Thesis Chongstitvatana,P
The Design and Implementation of Vision-Based Behavioural Modules for a Robotic Assembly System
PT9216 1992 PhD Thesis Carletta,J
Risk-Taking and Recovery in Task-Oriented Dialogue
PT9213 1992 PhD Thesis Caley,R
Planning Discourse by Modelling Audience Interpretation Strategies
PT9210 1992 PhD Thesis Beaven,J
Lexicalist Unification-Based Machine Translation
PT9207 1992 PhD Thesis Baker,S
Aspects of the Constructive Omega Rule Within Automated Deduction
PT9123 1991 PhD Thesis Roberts,G
Classifier Systems for Situated Automomous Learning.
PT9119 1991 PhD Thesis Madden,P
Automated Program Transformation Through Proof Transformation
PT9115 1991 PhD Thesis Hughes,H
Recognition of Three Dimensional Objects Using Deformable Models
PT9111 1991 PhD Thesis Hesketh,J
Using Middle-Out Reasoning to Guide Inductive Theorem Proving
PT9107 1991 PhD Thesis Buckingham,J
Delicate Nets, Faint Recollections: a Study of Partially Connected Associative Network Memories.
PT9103 1991 PhD Thesis Bowles,A
Detecting Prolog Programming Techniques Using Abstract Interpretation
PT9031 1990 PhD Thesis Wiggins,G
An Adaptable Formalism for the Computational Analysis of English Noun Phrase Reference
PT9027 1990 PhD Thesis Walsh,T
A Theory of Abstraction
PT9023 1990 PhD Thesis Valley,K
The Use of Expert System Shells in Education: an Explanation-Based Approach
PT9019 1990 PhD Thesis Uschold,M
The Use of Typed Lambda Calculus for Comprehension and Construction for Simulation Models in the Domain of Ecology
PT9015 1990 PhD Thesis Lewis,JP
A User Modelling Approach to Computer Based Advice Generation.
PT9011 1990 PhD Thesis Cranefield,S
Planning for a Behaviour Based Robotic Assembly: a Logical Framework.
PT9007 1990 PhD Thesis Cameron-Jones,R
Visual Interpretation of Lambertian Surface Deformation.
PT9003 1990 PhD Thesis Cai,L
Scale-Based Surface Understanding Using Diffusion Smoothing
PT8915 1989 PhD Thesis Trehan,R
An Investigation of Design and Execution Alternatives for the Committed Choice Non-Deterministic Logic Languages
PT8911 1989 PhD Thesis Stevens,A
An Improved Method for the Mechanisation of Inductive Proof
PT8907 1989 PhD Thesis van Harmelen,F
On the Efficiency of Metalevel Inference.
PT8903 1989 PhD Thesis Cawsey,A
Generating Explanatory Discourse: a Plan-Based Interactive Approach.
PT8809 1988 PhD Thesis Looi,C
Automatic Program Analysis in a Prolog Intelligent Teaching System.
PT8807 1988 PhD Thesis Liu,B
Reinforcement Planning for Resource Allocation and Constraint Satisfaction.
PT8805 1988 PhD Thesis Hwee Kaa,J
Planning Automated Guided Vehicle Movements in a Factory.
PT8803 1988 PhD Thesis Harris,M
Computational Modelling of Transitive Inference: a Micro Analysis of a Simple Form of Reasoning.
PT8714 1987 PhD Thesis Plummer,D
Gazing: a Technique for Controlling the Use of Rewrite Rules.
PT8711 1987 PhD Thesis Owen,S
Finding and Using Analogies to Guide Mathematical Proof.
PT8709 1987 PhD Thesis Inder,R
The Computer Simulation of Syllogism Solving Using Restricted Mental Models.
PT8707 1987 PhD Thesis Fleming,A
Analysis of Uncertainties and Geometric Tolerences in Assemblies of Parts.
PT8705 1987 PhD Thesis Brna,P
Confronting Science Misconceptions with the Help of a Computer.
PT8703 1987 PhD Thesis Allan,J
An Application of Optical Interference to Dynamic Position Measurement in Three Dimensions
PT8609 1986 PhD Thesis Patten,T
Interpreting Systematic Grammar as a Computational Representation: a Problem Solving Approach to Text Generation.
PT8607 1986 PhD Thesis Muggleton,S
Inductive Acquisitin of Expert Knowledge.
PT8605 1986 PhD Thesis Koutsou,A
Planning Motion in Contact to Achieve Parts Mating.
PT8603 1986 PhD Thesis Fisher,RB
From Surfaces to Objects: Recognizing Objects Using Surface Information and Object Models.
PT8507 1985 PhD Thesis Athukorala,A
A Strategy for the Visual Recognition of Objects in an Industrial Enviroment.
PT8503 1985 PhD Thesis Altmann,G
Reference and the Resolution of Local Syntatic Ambiguity: the Effect of Context During Human Sentance Processing.
PT8407 1984 PhD Thesis Hallam,JC
Intelligent Automatic Interpretation of Active Marine Sonar.
PT8405 1984 PhD Thesis Featherstone,R
Robot Dynamics Algorithms.
PT8403 1984 PhD Thesis Cameron,S
Modelling Solids in Motion.
PT97 0

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