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Please note that only documents submitted internally to the documentation secretary or publications secretary are recorded and that for a document to be online all authors must have signed a copyright waiver form and a postscript version of the document must have been made available. This page does not necessarily represent a complete and accurate account.
DP198 1999 Or,HC
Biologically Inspired Amphibian Robot: the Control of an Amphibian Robot using Artificial Neural Oscillatory Circuits Generated by Evolutionary Algorithms - PhD Thesis Proposal
DP197 1998 Discussion Paper Biris-Brilhante,VV
Using Formal Data Dscriptions for Ecological Modeling Guidance
DP196 1998 Discussion Paper Singer,J
Surface-Deformation in Local Search
DP195 1998 Discussion Paper Brandao,Md
A Framework for Teaching Tonal Harmony - PhD Thesis Proposal
DP194 1998 Discussion Paper Miguel,IJ
Dynamic Flexible Constraint Satisfaction - PhD Proposal
DP193 1998 Discussion Paper Kalfoglou,I
PhD Thesis Proposal: Critiquing of Specifications based on Ontologies
DP192 1998 Discussion Paper Shei,C
PhD Thesis Proposal: Using Corpora to Help Chinese Students Write English E-mail
DP191 1998 Discussion Paper Carbogim,DV
PhD Thesis Proposal : Formal Argumentation, Models and Specifications
DP189 1998 Discussion Paper Gomes,HM
PhD Thesis Proposal: Model Learning and Model Invocation in Iconic Vision
DP190 1997 Discussion Paper Carvalho,MA
PhD Thesis Proposal: A Student Model for Adult Basic Education
DP188 1997 Discussion Paper Biris,E
PhD Proposal: An Intelligent System for Generating Explanations of Industrial Processes using Multiple Models
DP187 1997 Discussion Paper Polyak,ST
Rich Plan Representations and Their Use
DP186 1997 Discussion Paper Cresswell,SN
Planning and Theorem Proving - phd Thesis Proposal
DP185 1997 Discussion Paper Smith,FS
An Intelligent Diagnostic Strategist for Use in Diagnosing Continuous Systems with Qualitative Dynamic Models - phd Thesis Proposal
DP184 1997 Discussion Paper De Vicente,AM
Motivational Issues in Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning (Icall) Systems - phd Thesis Proposal
DP183 1997 Discussion Paper Morales Gamboa,R
Modelling User Reflection
DP182 1997 Discussion Paper Cheng,H
Aggregation Based on Text Structure for Descriptive Text Generation
DP181 1997 Discussion Paper Bailey,P
A Reader-Based Model of Story Generation - phd Thesis Proposal
DP180 1997 Discussion Paper Molony,JS
Symmetry Arguments in Automated Reasoning, Thesis proposal
DP179 1996 Discussion Paper Reed,T
Tracking Deformable Structures in Biomedical Images - Thesis Proposal
DP178 1996 Discussion Paper Wickler,GJ
Capability Characterization and Assessment for Planning-Based Intelligent Agents - Thesis Proposal
DP177 1996 Discussion Paper Espinosa-Romero,A
Situated Face Detection
DP176 1996 Discussion Paper Whittle,JN
A Deductive Synthesis Editor for Producing Correct Functional Programs
DP175 1996 Discussion Paper Schulenburg,SI
Application of Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms to Portfolio Optimisation and Stock Price Predictions - Thesis Proposal
DP174 1996 Discussion Paper Chen-Burger,J
Thesis Proposal: the Formalisation of Business Modelling
DP173 1996 Discussion Paper Jamnik,M
Automation of Diagrammatic Proofs in Mathematics
DP172 1996 Discussion Paper Tuson,AL
Phd Proposal: a Neighbourhood Search Approach to Scheduling
DP171 1996 Discussion Paper Al-Muhtaseb,H
The Need for an Upper Model for Arabic Generation
DP170 1996 Discussion Paper Al-Lakany,HM
Gait Kinematics: Analysis, Synthesis and Recognition
DP169 1996 Discussion Paper Taylor,TJ
A Study of Evolution in Self-Replicating Parallel Computer Programs
DP168 1996 Discussion Paper Trewin,SM; Pain,HG
Gathering and Analysing Keyboard and Mouse Data
DP167 1996 Discussion Paper Chagas,N
Learning New Behaviours in a Conscious Robot
DP166 1995 Discussion Paper Reeve,R
Generating Walking Behaviours in Legged Robots
DP165 1995 Discussion Paper Howells,T
Pattern Recognition in Medical Time Series Data
DP164 1995 Discussion Paper Perkins,SJ
Incremental Evolution of Robot Controllers Using Shaping
DP162 1995 Discussion Paper Trewin,SM
The Application of ;User Modelling and Conectionist Techniques to the Interpretation of Noisy Keyboard and Mouse Input
DP161 1995 Discussion Paper Gadanho,S
Autonomy and Autopoiesis in Robotic Systems: which Architecture to Use?
DP160 1995 Discussion Paper Dennis,L
Automating Coinduction
DP159 1995 Discussion Paper Castro,A
A Techniques-Based Framework for Program Generation in Ecological Modelling
DP158 1995 Discussion Paper Mota,Ed
Time Granularity in Simulation Models Within a Multi-Agent System - Thesis Proposal
DP156 1995 Discussion Paper Ramscar,MJ
Analogical and Similarity-Based Reasoning: an Examination of the Major Theories and Their Resultant Models
DP155 1995 Discussion Paper Lee,W
Genetic Programming and Behaviour-Based Robots
DP154 1994 Discussion Paper Beard,S
Extracting Morphological Structures from Microscope Images of Nematodes Suitable for Classification - Thesis Proposal
DP153 1994 Discussion Paper Westhead,M
Rigorous Design and Analysis of Behaviour Based Controllers - phd Thesis Proposal
DP152 1994 Discussion Paper Chesters,W
Robot Environment Modelling with Competing Experts - phd Thesis Proposal
DP151 1994 Discussion Paper Kado,K
An Investigation of Gas for Layout Problems - Mphil Thesis Proposal
DP150 1994 Discussion Paper Good,J
Novice Use of Abstract Visual Representations of Recursion - phd Thesis Proposal
DP149 1994 Discussion Paper Filloy-Garcia,E
High Order Organisation in Genetic Algorithms - phd Thesis Proposal
DP148 1994 Discussion Paper Gathercole,C
Investigating Autocatalysis in Genetic Programming - phd Thesis Proposal
DP147 1994 Discussion Paper Corley,S
A Hierarchical, Chunk-Based Model of the Hspm - phd Thesis Proposal
DP146 1994 Discussion Paper Pilu,M
Physics-Based Recovery of Geons from 2-D Intensity Images - PhD Thesis Proposal
DP145 1994 Discussion Paper Monroy-Borja,R
Inductive Proof Plans for the Correction of Faulty Software Specifications, Thesis Proposal
DP144 1994 Discussion Paper Fitzgibbon,AW
Scale, Feedback and Reliability in Scene Interpretation, Thesis Proposal
DP157 1993 Discussion Paper Al Jabri,S
Generating Arabic Words from Semantic Descriptions
DP143 1993 Discussion Paper Beck,H
Using Dynamic Capacity Analysis to Guide the Construction of Highly Constrained Job-Shop Schedules, Thesis Proposal
DP142 1993 Discussion Paper ,
Proof Plans for Combinational Hardware Verification - Thesis Proposal
DP141 1993 Discussion Paper Aziz,N
Translating Algebraic Problems: Using Belief Systems in Modelling and Mending Students' Misconceptions - Thesis Proposal
DP140 1993 Discussion Paper Nicolov,N
Head Selection in Nlg - Thesis Proposal
DP139 1993 Discussion Paper Yeh,C
Generation of Chinese Anaphoric Expressions - Thesis Proposal
DP138 1993 Discussion Paper Wren,DO
Robot Grasping of Unknown Objects with Multiple Soft Fingers - Thesis Proposal
DP137 1993 Discussion Paper Crowe,J
Event Recognition in Information Extraction - Thesis Proposal
DP135 1993 Discussion Paper Aguilar-Chongtay,RM
Model Based System for Automated Analysis of Biomedical Images - Thesis Proposal
DP134 1993 Discussion Paper Wyatt,J
Learning and Behaviour - Thesis Proposal
DP133 1993 Discussion Paper Androutsopoulos,I
Natural Language Query Interfaces to Temporal Databases - Thesis Proposal
DP132 1993 Discussion Paper Carter,E
Dynamic Hyperstructures - Thesis Proposal
DP131 1993 Discussion Paper Pettinaro,GC
The Use of Behavioural Modules to Simplify the Programming of Assembly Robots - Thesis Proposal
DP130 1993 Discussion Paper Walker,AV
Learned Sensory-Motor Maps for Qualitative Navigation - Thesis Proposal
DP129 1993 Discussion Paper Bispo,EM
Inspection of Mechanical Parts Using Range Data (Objectives, Expectations, Hopes, Dreams and Illusions) - Thesis Proposal
DP128 1993 Discussion Paper Haggith,MC
Towards a Formal Analysis of Disagreement - Thesis Proposal
DP136 1992 Discussion Paper Bull,S
A Collaborative, Inspectable Student Model for Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning - Thesis Proposal
DP127 1992 Discussion Paper Hallam,B
Autonomous Behaviour Selection in Mobile Robots - Thesis Proposal
DP126 1992 Discussion Paper Cox,R
Reasoning with External Representations: Supporting the Stages of Selection, Construction and Utilisation
DP125 1992 Discussion Paper Knott,A
Cue Phrases and Rhetorical Relations: Using Linguistic Phenomena to Motivate a Theory of Discourse Structure - Thesis Proposal
DP124 1992 Discussion Paper Masato,I
A Reactive Architecture for Rational Agents in Task-Oriented Dialogue - Thesis Proposal
DP123 1992 Discussion Paper Smith,SE
Using Neural Nets to Support Processing of Biochemical Data for Diagnosis - Thesis Proposal
DP122 1992 Discussion Paper Jones,E
Machine Learning in Behaviour Based Robotic Assembly
DP121 1992 Discussion Paper Reece,G
Reactive Execution in a Command, Planning, and Control Environment
DP120 1992 Discussion Paper Vasconcelos,W
Formalising the Knowledge of a Prolog Techniques Editor - Thesis Proposal
DP119 1992 Discussion Paper Frank,I
Using Proof-Planning Techniques to Plan and Play the Role of Declarer in the Game of Bridge
DP118 1992 Discussion Paper Richardson,J
Planning Changes of Representation - Thesis Proposal
DP117 1992 Discussion Paper Miranda,E
From Symbols to Sound: Ai-Based Investigation of Sound Synthesis
DP116 1992 Discussion Paper Negrete-Yankelevich,S
Generic Tactics and Proof Plans - Thesis Proposal
DP115 1992 Discussion Paper Borges,D
Recognition of 3-D Complex Curved Objects by Differentiation: an Evolutionary Approach to the Representation, Extraction, and Recognition of 3-D Shapes.
DP114 1992 Discussion Paper Tang,M
A Design Support System Based on Inductive Learning
DP113 1992 Discussion Paper Liu,W
An Investigation into Uncertainty Reasoning and Nonmonotonic Reasoning - Using Incidence Calculus - Thesis Proposal
DP112 1991 Discussion Paper Kraan,I
Automating the Synthesis of Logic Programs - Thesis Proposal
DP111 1991 Discussion Paper Rock,S
Understanding Repitition in Natural Language Instructions - Thesis Proposal
DP110 1991 Discussion Paper Carrera-Sanchez,R
Reverse Engineering of Computer Programs (Recp) - Thesis Proposal
DP109 1991 Discussion Paper Guest,E
Registration and Warping of Serial Sections - Thesis Proposal
DP108 1991 Discussion Paper King,K
A Multi-Model Knowledge Acquisition Toolkit for Medical Diagnosis in Developing Countries - Thesis Proposal
DP107 1991 Discussion Paper Glasbey,SR
Towards a Treatment of Tens and Aspect in Situation Semantics - Thesis Proposal
DP106 1991 Discussion Paper Vargas-Vera,M
A Techniques Editor for Prolog - Thesis Proposal
DP105 1991 Discussion Paper Wu,X
Extracting Knowledge from Data Bases - Thesis Proposal
DP104 1991 Discussion Paper Neto,R
The Use of Proof Planning in Normalisation - Thesis Proposal
DP103 1991 Discussion Paper Hamazaki,T
A Framework for Realizing High Quality Production Schedules: a Knowledge-Based Approach Thesis Proposal
DP102 1991 Discussion Paper Baker,S
Notes on the Constructive Omega-Rule and a New Method of Generalisation
DP101 1990 Discussion Paper Webb,B
Computer Simulation in the Study of Intelligent Behaviour
DP100 1990 Discussion Paper Cunliffe,D
Uncertain Inference in an Expert Vision System: Thesis Proposal

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