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Research Paper #898

Title:A Voxel-Based Representation for the Evolutionary Shape Optimisation of a Simplified Beam: A Case-Study of a Problem-Centred Approach to Genetic Operator Design
Authors:Baron,P; Fisher,RB; Mill,F; Sherlock,A; Tuson,AL
Date:Feb 1997
Presented:To be presented at the 2nd On-Line World Conference of Soft Computing in Engineering Design and Manufacturing (WSC2)
Abstract:This paper examines a voxel (N-dimensional pixel) based representation for shape optimisation problems, and shows that although a basic genetic algorithm performed poorly on a simplified beam design problem, the use of three domain specific operators improved performance greatly. Additionally, the use of a "directed smoothing" operator that preferentially adds material to high stress areas was examined and found to assist evolutionary search. This paper demonstrates how domain knowledge and an understanding of how genetic algorithms work can be used to inform the design of suitable operators.

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