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Research Paper #897

Title:A Voxel-Based Approach to Evolutionary Shape Optimisation
Authors:Baron,P; Tuson,AL; Fisher,RB; Mill,F; Sherlock,A
Date:Feb 1998
Presented:The 1997 AISB Workshop on Evolutionary Computing
Abstract:Shape optimisation is a hard problem from the field of Mechanical Engineering with the potential for significant cost savings if successfully performed. In the past, evolutionary optimisation approaches have proved successful. In those studies, a form of the shape was assumed, and its parameters optimised. An alternative is a voxel (N-dimensional pixel) based representation, which makes no such assumptions about the form of the solution, and allows the user to add domain knowledge if desired. This paper outlines a preliminary investigation into this approach and shows that the objections to this approach in the literature can be overcome if care is taken over the design of the operators.

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