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Research Paper #751

Title:Position Refinement for a Navigating Robot Using Motion Information Based on Honey Bee Strategies
Authors:Wolfart,E; Fisher,RB; Walker,AV
Date:May 1995
Presented:In the Proceedings Symp. Intern. Robotic Systems (SIR95) Pisa, July 1995
Abstract:This paper summarises an algorithm for the position refinement of a robot using visual information. The algorithm was inspired by techniques used by navigating honey bees and is based on separating close and distant landmarks in a scene using their different optical flow. We also use the optical flow to construct a map of the close landmarks representing their 2D layout in the scene. Upon the agent's return to the vicinity of a previously remembered position, the algorithm compared the information immediately perceivable with the remembered data. Using the information about the distant landmarks to correct the orientation under which the scene is observed, it is then possible to utilise spatial cues offered by close landmarks to calculate a vector pointing to the target position. A few iterations of the movement to the estimated target position allows repositioning within a few centimetres of the original position. The algorithm was implemented and tested ;using a mobile sensor.

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