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Documents Authored by: Chris Thornton

Please note that only papers and publications recorded in this departments database are shown here. An author may have many other papers and publications produced while working elsewhere which are not listed here. This page does not therefore represent a definitive list of this authors work.

Chapter in Edited Book

CB586 1989 Chapter in Edited Book Thornton,C
Analogical Inference as Generalized Inductive Inference

Journal Paper

JP588 1989 Journal Paper Thornton,C
a Cross Section of European Research
JP589 1989 Journal Paper Thornton,C
Learning Mechanism which Construct Neighbourhood Representations

Paper in Conference Proceedings

PP587 1989 Paper in Conference Proceedings Thornton,C
the Factorial Productivity of Mark-Raising Generalisation

Research Paper

RP463 1990 Research Paper Thornton,C
The Complexity of Constructive Induction
RP464 1990 Research Paper Thornton,C
Why Concept Learning is a Good Idea
RP465 1990 Research Paper Thornton,C
A Study of the Non-Smooth Concept Membership Function
RP456 1989 Research Paper Thornton,C
The Emergence of Higher Levels of Description

Working Paper

WP221 1990 Working Paper Thornton,C
Three Types of Incorrect Description Bias
WP222 1990 Working Paper Thornton,C
Vertical Bias Shifts
WP223 1990 Working Paper Thornton,C
The Combinatorics of Leaky Learning
WP224 1990 Working Paper Thornton,C
Generalised Clustering and the Construction of Template-Based Representations
WP225 1990 Working Paper Thornton,C
Knowledge Quantification and Algorithmic Complexity
WP226 1990 Working Paper Thornton,C
The Representation of Abstract Classes

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