Mobile Robots group
Interdisciplinary Links: Robotics, Biology and Psychology
Dept of A.I.
Univ. of Edinburgh

How useful are inspirations from Biology for Robotics?
What light do psychological studies shed on the construction of artificial agents?

These are just two questions that arise naturally when one is to consider the realisation of a challenging human dream: to create an intelligent, autonomous robot.

Then: What can Robotics offer to Biology and Psychology in return?
What form should an interaction between Robotics, Biology and Psychology take?

It is the usefulness if not the need of such an interdisciplinary collaboration that we have questioned recently in organising an interdisciplinary workshop , held on the 10th of March at the Department of Artificial Intelligence. At this occasion, more than 80 researchers from Cognitive Science, Psychology, Linguistics, Biology, Neuroscience, Physiology, Artificial Intelligence, Electrical Engineering, etc. met for one day of talks and discussions.

The general interest the audience showed in such an interdisciplinary collaboration led us to create this page as a framework for future collaborative research. This includes a list of people that have shown their interest either by participating in the workshop or by emailing us, a list of interdisciplinary projects actually carried out in the department and finally a list of conferences and seminars relevant for all these fields.

This page is in constant construction and we would be very pleased by any comments. If you would like links or information to be added, please, do not hesitate to contact us:
Aude Billard and Auke Jan Ijspeert