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Technical Paper #35

Title:A Program for Describing Two Similar Assemblies
Authors:Pettinaro,GC; Malcolm,CA
Date:Dec 1993
Abstract:This document describes the initial phase of a project which aims to discover a (hopefully) small set of elementary or compound behaviours which can be used to accomplish most assemblies. In particular it summarises the progresses in developing a robust and reliable robot program to assemble two similar objects: the small metal and the big wooden RAPT benchmarks. The development of such a program in the behaviour based fashion revealed that the entire assembly in both cases could be expressed with the same modules. A group of three elementary behaviours (guarded-move, guarded-open-fingers, guarded-close-fingers) was able to describe all the more complex modules which the complete RAPT benchmark assembly was made of. Other compound behaviours were found to be very common: touch, lift, rotate, put, follow.

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