The University of Edinburgh -
Division of Informatics
Forrest Hill & 80 South Bridge

Technical Paper #34

Title:Two-Handed Robotic System
Authors:Pettinaro,GC; Malcolm,CA
Date:May 1995
Abstract:This report describes the development and the implementation of a two-handed robotic system designed and built by the workshop of the department of Artificial Intelligence of the University of Edinburgh. The two hands are located one onto the robot wrist as the end-effector and one onto a rotational device (left wrist) fixed at a precise location. Such a system is driven directly by the robot controller. The position of the fingers of each gripper and the angle about which the left gripper rotates is monitored by a PC connected to the controller via a serial line. The ideas and the architectural choices made for developing the system are fully discussed and analysed. The system components and the hardware needed to interface them with the robot controller are fully explained. The software for driving the system components and the communication between robot and PC and between PC and each component are then fully described. Conclusions about the future applications of such a system will be finally examined.

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