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Research Paper #838

Title:Keyboard and Mouse Errors Due to Motor Disabilities
Authors:Trewin,SM; Pain,HG
Date:Dec 1996
Presented:Submitted to the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
Abstract:There are many people who find the standard computer input devices - the keyboard and mouse - difficult to use due to a motor disability. A number of keyboard and mouse configuration options designed to overcome physical difficulties exist. However, their development has tended to be based on personal experience and intuition rather than real user data. there is, in fact, little data available on the precise nature of physical difficulties with input devices. Hence it is difficult to gauge the adequacy of existing access provision. This paper presents an empirical study of the keyboard and mouse errors encountered in a sample of twenty computer users with motor disabilities, and six without disabilities. It describes how this data was gathered and analysed, and summarises the nature and frequency of the problems experienced by these users. It is hoped that these results will help to inform the development of more accessible software and hardware.

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