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Research Paper #830

Title:A Rule-Based General Ai Problem Solving Mechanism Supporting Real-Time and Cooperative Problem Solving
Date:Oct 1996
Presented:This is a substantially revised and extended version of a paper published in the Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on System Engineering, 9-11 Ju
Abstract:Rule-Based systems, also called production systems, are one of the most well-known general AI problem solving mechansms and have been widely used to build AI problem solving systems, but their adaptation to real-time and cooperative applications environments has been proven to be a formidable task. Based on analysing the major deficiencies in rule-based systems which make them unsuitable for real-time and cooperative applications, this paper presents a rule-based general AI problem solving mechanism with applications for real-time and cooperative problem solving, named as Function Module Systems (FMs in short), and introduces some application examples.

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