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Research Paper #828

Title:Experiments in Automating Hardware Verification Using Inductive Proof Planning
Authors:,; Bundy,A; Smaill,AD; Basin,D
Date:Oct 1996
Presented:To appear in the Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes on Computer Science (LNCS) series
Abstract:We present a new approach to automating the verification of hardware designs based on planning techniques. A database of methods is developed that combines tactics, which construct proofs, using specifications of their behaviour. Given a verification problem, a planner uses the method database to build automatically a specialised tactic to solve the given problem. User interaction is limited to specifying circuits and their properties and, in some cases, suggesting lemmas. We have implemented our work in an extension of the Clam proof planning system. We report on this and its application to verifying a variety of combinational and synchronous sequential circuits including a parameterised multiplier design and a simple computer microprocessor.

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