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Research Paper #820

Title:Surface Reflectance Recovery Under Point Light Illumination
Authors:Fisher,RB; Gionis,A
Date:Jul 1996
Presented:To appear in the Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference, 1996
Abstract:In this paper, a novel algorithm for colour recovery is presented. It assumes that the 3-D geometry of the scene is known. The spectral power distribution of a point illumination source, and the response function of the sensor are calibrated jointly. This algorithm has been used for the colour recovery part of an integrated system, developedin our laboratory for environmental modelling. The geometry of the scene is recovered using a laser stripe range-finder and this information is exploiting by the colour recovery algorithm. A point light source, attached to the whole system, has been used for the illumination of the scene in order to confine undesirable side-effects of the ambient light. The joint spectral power distribution of this point light source and the response function of the camera are obtained with off-line calibration.

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