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Research Paper #815

Title:A Student Model "for Its Own Sake"
Authors:Pain,HG; Bull,S; Brna,P
Date:Jun 1996
Presented:In the Proceedings of the 1st European Conference on AI and Education, EUROAIED-96
Abstract:There is an important role for student modelling in the area of collaborative assessment (i.e. where student and system collaborate over a final, agreed assessment). This product of negotiation can be viewed as an agreed student model (the assessment), endorsed by both system and student. We describe the results of an empirical study to identify some of the features necessary for inclusion in a student/system collaborative assessment environment. We found that students are able to defend their assessments to a teacher, and an agreed resolution of the assessment is possible. Different sequences of actions were used by students and teachers in the process of resolution of disagreement. The implications for a negotiated student model designed for collaborative assessment are discussed.

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