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Research Paper #812

Title:A Study of Input Device Manipulation Difficulties
Date:Jun 1996
Presented:Presented at the Second Annual ACM Conference on Assistive Technologies (ASSETS '96)
Abstract:People with a motor disability affecting their use of the keyboard and/or mouse often tend to make unintentional input errors. Little or no quantified data exists on physical errors in the use of standard computer input devices, particularly with respect to motor disabilities. Such information, if available, could be used to develop techniques for automatic recognition of specific difficulties. Once recognised, many can be reduced or eliminated by appropriate system and application configuration. This paper describes the pilot study for an experiment intended to gather detailed information about input errors made with keyboards and mice. This work is a step towards provision of dynamic, automatic support for the configuration of systems and applications to suit individual users. Some initial results from the pilot study are presented, including an assessment of the experiment design and a summary of some interesting characteristics of the data gathered so far.

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