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Research Paper #770

Title:Modelling and Mending Students' Misconceptions in Translating Algebra Word Problems Using a Belief Revision System in Taps
Authors:Aziz,N; Pain,HG; Brna,P
Date:Aug 1995
Presented:In the proceedings of the 7th World Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, AI-ED 95, Virginia, AACE
Abstract:The goal of this research is to illustrate the potential of belief revision in a tutoring system for a domain where contradictions arise when students commit errors. We show how a belief revision system which employs the notion of epistemic entrenchment in resolving a conflict can be useful in modelling students and for remediation. Our particular focus is on: i) the domain of translating simple relational algebra word problems to algebraic equations; ii) misconceptions related to the reversal error; iii) student being persistent in holding the misconceptions which are referred to as the student's entrenched beliefs. We illustrate such investigations in TAPS (Translating Algebraic Problems System). TAPS, a prototype computer-based tutoring system has a belief revision system embedded in it which assists it in modelling and mending a student's misconceptions. it also helps TAPS in making overall observations of the student's performance.

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