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Research Paper #629

Title:An Ethological Model of Learning and Motivation for Implementation in Mobile Robots.
Authors:Hallam,B; Halperin,J; Hallam,JC
Date: 1993
Presented:Submitted to "Adaptive Behavior"
Abstract:This paper describes a neuroethological model of learning and motivation which is biologically plausible, accounting for many of the behavioural phenomena observed in live animals. Unusual predictions from the model have been tested and shown to be demonstrable in live fish. it is also mathematically well enough defined to be implementable in a robot or in computer simulation. A trial implementation in a mobile robot has already been carried out. This paper describes the full model, the simplified version programmed into the robot, and the preliminary experiments carried out which demonstrated the completeness of our robotic implementation. This model is important to both robotics and to ethological research: to the study of robot autonomy through a complex and realistic model of animal behaviour selection; and to ethology by supplying guaranteed 'naive' agents on which to further study this ethological model.

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