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Research Paper #502

Title:Steps Towards Intelligent Robots
Authors:Nehmzow,U; Smithers,T; Hallam,JC
Date: 1990
Presented:Presented at the International Workshop on Cognition, Biology and Robotics, GMD, St Augustin, Germany, June 1990
Abstract:"Really Useful Robots", a research project in the domain of mobile robots, investigates new ways of controlling robots in order to achieve flexibility in unforeseen situations. This report describes the underlying ideas and mechanisms of that part of this research that has to do with competence generation. We propose a self-organizing type of controller for a mobile robot. Rather than decompose the control task into subtasks and implement these (an analytical approach) we propose to use competence generators which generate the necessary competences, using instincts (a synthetic approach). We have built a mobile robot and equipped it with a first version of such a self-organizing controller.

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