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Research Paper #468

Title:Programming Autonomous Assembly Agents: Functionality and Robustness
Authors:Petropoulakis,L; Malcolm,CA
Date:Mar 1990
Presented:Presented at the 7th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, Bristol, England, June, 1990
Abstract:This paper focuses on the problems associated with instructing assembly robots to perform tasks in an autonomous, reliable, and competent way within a real world environment. In the context of achieving these objectives we identify two major limiting factors directly affecting the efficiency, task reliability, and economic viability of robotic systems: programming functionality, and robustness in the face of uncertainty. This paper examines the way these issues have been addressed up to now and explains the present research effort in Edinburgh University. It also reports on our experimental domain which is a complex form of the "blocks world". This naturally generalises to assembling walls from predominantly rectangular components, and is designed to cope with variations in part size and location as a fundamental property of the domain.

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