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Division of Informatics
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PhD Thesis #9618

Title:Metaphor-based Negotiation and Its Application in AGV Movement Planning
Date: 1996
Abstract:The theme of this thesis is "metaphor-based negotiation". By metaphor-based negotiation I mean a category of approaches for problem-solving in Distributed ARtificial Intelligence (DAI) that mimic some aspects of human negotiation behaviour. The research in this dissertation is divided into two closely related parts. Cooperative interaction among agents in a multiagent system (MAAS) is discussed in general, and the discussion leads to a formal definition of metaphor-based negotiation. Then, as a specific application, a "spring-based" computational model for metaphor-based negotiation is developed as an approach to solving movement planning, specifically the AGV scheduling problem (AGVSP) - determining the timings of AGVs" activities, of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in a factory. By formall addressing the multi-agent cooperative interaction problem and assuming that agents in a MAS are rational, benevolent and fully informed, an initial strategy set of cooperative interaction can be reduced to a strategy set by elimininating strategies that are irrational in a group sense.

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