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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9675

Title:An 'Optical Paintbrush' for Virtual Reality Modelling
Date: 1996
Abstract:Virtual reality applications are becoming increasingly common and more sophisticated. However, many virtual environments suffer from a very artificial feel, mainly due to impoverished descriptions (often based on CAD models) of scenery and objects. More sophisticated models which have realistic shape and texture can be obtained by building 3D models directly from range data, and life-like textures can be mapped on to the surface of the model using colour images of the object taken at known viewpoints. This dissertation describes work carried out in improving the performance of a prototype hand-held optical surface scanner. The focus of the report is on noise reduction, principally gaining a deeper understanding of the sensor's global position measurement system and the implementation of a variety of morphological and smoothing operators for the purpose of improving surface description.

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