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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9629

Title:Finding a Predictor of Fulminant Hepatic Failure (Fhf)
Date: 1996
Abstract:Fulminant Hepatic Failure (FHF) is a very serious condition in which the liver fails when there is no pre-existent liver damage. Spontaneous recovery is possible when the patient receives the highest quality nursing care, supporting the complications of the condition. The only other possibility of recovery is offered by liver transplant surgery and the condition has a high mortality rate. There are insufficient organs available for transplants in all cases and other resources are limited. It is therefore desirable to distinguish early on those patients who could recover spontaneously; those whose condition is too far advanced for a transplant to save them, and the remaining patients who require transplants. Genetic algorithms provide a possible means of distinguishing these different patients, when applied to a historical database of clinical data of patients. In this study, a genetic algorithm will be used to see if there is any clinical data which is predictive of the patients' outcomes. The implementation of the genetic algorithm used will be discussed, as will the rules evolved. The effectiveness and potential of this method will also be discussed.

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