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MSc Thesis #9627

Title:An Implementation of Japanese Grammar Based on Hpsg
Date: 1996
Abstract:In this thesis, I shall show how Japanese Phrase Structure Grammar [Gun87] can be implemented in LexGram [KB95], an amalgam of Categorical Grammar [Lam61] and Head Driven Phase Structure Grammar [PS94]. The thesis presents a parser which covers three characteristic phenomena in Japanese: (1) word order variation, (2) gaps in a sentence, and (3) relativization. To cover word order variation, the argument list for a verb, which specifies its subcategorization requirements, is defined as a set of arguments rather than as a list. The gaps in a sentence are dealt with by giving verbs categories additional to the basic ones. As for relativization, verb adnominal forms are defined in a similar way to adjectives without using traces. The parser was tested against data collected from Japanese Map Task Corpus [AIK+94]. We have shown that the parser can parse sentences in reasonable speed, an average of 271.77 msec. per sentence with an average of 6 words per sentence.

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