Current Members

Elias Biris, PhD Student, Software Engineer (Cadence).
Alexios Chouchoulas, Research Associate, PhD Student.
Michelle Galea, PhD Student.
Javier Gomez-Marin-Blazquez, PhD Student.
Knox Haggie, Research Associate.
Joe Halliwell, PhD Student.
Zhiheng Huang, PhD Student.
Richard Jensen, PhD Student.
Jeroen Keppens, Research Associate, PhD Student.
Khairul Rasmani, PhD Student.
Qiang Shen, Senior Lecturer.

Some Recent Members

Daniele Gherardi, Visiting Worker.
Antonio F. Gomez Skarmeta, Academic Visitor.
Peter Jarvis, Honorary Fellow.
Ian Miguel, PhD Student, Research Associate (University of York).
Taoxin Peng, Research Associate, Lecturer (Napier University).
Finlay Smith, PhD Student, Lecturer (National University of Ireland).

Industrial Collaborators

Dr. Rob Barnes, British Geological Survey.
Tim Duffy, British Geological Survey.
Dr Rory McKinnel, Alenia Marconi Systems.
James Kwaan, Alenia Marconi Systems.
Dr Rob Milne, Intelligent Applications Limited.
Dr Ramin Nakisa, NCR.
Dr Dave Scott, Alenia Marconi Systems.

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