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Division of Informatics
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Technical Paper #44

Title:A Biologically Inspired Sonarhead
Authors:Peremans,H; Walker,AV; Hallam,JC
Date:Sep 1997
Abstract:The sonarhead is designed to make it possible to test various theories proposed to explain particular measurement strategies of biological in-air sonar systems. Since we believed that the success of those sonar systems is to a large extent due to their use of active sensing strategies we have tried to include as many relevant degrees of freedom in our sonarhead as possible. As a result, the designer of an experiment using the sonarhead can control the 6 DOF pose of the sonarhead, as well as the parameters defining the call sequence, i.e. repetition rate, duration of call, shape of transmit pulse. The sonarhead consists of a hardware and a software component, both components are described in this text.

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