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Research Paper #571

Title:The Maintenance of Design History in Ai-Based Design
Authors:Smithers,T; Tang,M; Tomes,N
Date: 1991
Presented:Presented at IEE Colloguium on "Tools and Techniques for Maintaining Traceability During Design", Dec. 1991, London
Abstract:Design can be modelled as an exploration-based process in which a collection of interconnected activities such as analytical assessment, problem evaluation, search for solutions, parameterisation, synthesis and optimisation is performed in a sequential or concurrent way. In this exploration-based design model, the outcome of a design is a design description document which consists of a final design requirement description in which the required behaviour of the proposed design is completely and consistently stated, a final design specification in which the structure and the parameters of the proposed design are fully specified, and a design history record in which the traceability of the design process is maintained.

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