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Research Paper #548

Title:Tailoring Plans to Users with Different Levels of Expertise
Authors:Reiter,E; Levine,J; Mellish,CS
Date: 1991
Presented:Submitted to the 3rd European Workshop on Natrual Language Generation, 1991
Abstract:The Intelligent Documentation Advisory System (IDAS) being constructed by Edinburgh University, Racal Instruments Ltd, Inference Europe Ltd and Racal Research Ltd must be able to generate "how-to" instructions that are customized for users with different levels of expertise. Such instructions are represented as user-executable plans in IDAS, and customizations include choosing an appropriate level of granularity for presenting the plan; using appropriate vocabulary; and generating appropriate referring expressions. An initial prototype system has been constructed that generates customized descriptions of plans for different users, using a KL-ONE type representation system for actions.

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