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Research Paper #539

Title:An Object-Oriented Simulation of Hydroelectric Power Systems
Authors:Tang,M; Smithers,T
Date:Jul 1991
Presented:Revised version of paper presented at the Colloquium on "Object-oriented Simulation and Control" organised by the Control and Systems Theory group of the IEE, L
Abstract:It is natural to combine AI applications and simulations using object-oriented approach as object-oriented systems appear to be efficient and flexible in building knowledge-based systems and coping with the complexity of system simulation. In this paper, we discuss how object-oriented approach contributes to solving complex system simulation problems and how this approach can be applied to the simulation of hydroelectric power systems. A brief introduction is firstly presented to compare conventional system simulation technology with object-oriented approach. Two important issues in object-oriented approach to complex system simulation, i.e., system modelling and reasoning about the behaviours of the rule-based reasoning are then presented by examining an object-oriented simulation system architecture in which rule-based reasoning and object-oriented message passing are combined. The transient simulation of water turbine in a hydraulic power system is used as an example to illustrate the ideas. our object-oriented simulation system was built using an object-oriented system development tool, GoldWorks II on a Macintosh IIci. finally, some of the problems in developing our object-oriented simulation system are discussed.

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