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Research Paper #531

Title:Semantics-Based Partial Evaluation of Prolog Programs
Date:May 1991
Presented:Submitted to LOPSTR 91, Manchester, England
Abstract:A semantic characterisation of the partial evaluation of Prolog programs is presented. An algebraic semantics for Prolog which models Prolog's depth-first left-to-right control scheme is first outlined. This semantics is written in Milner's Calculus of Communicating Systems (CCS) [Mil89]. This CCS semantics can be used to analyse how logic program control affects partial evaluation transformations of Prolog programs. Partial evaluation of a source program's semantic integrity. Because the semantic bisimilarities of Prolog control preserve behavioral equivalence, the semantic modelling of the basic control component of the partial evaluation process is possible. Conversely, the CCS semantics can determine whether particular partial evaluation transformations violate program completeness.

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