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Research Paper #528

Title:The Castlemaine Project: Development of an Ai-Based Design Support System
Authors:Hodgkin,E; Buck,P; Lloyd,G; Poulter,K; Smithers,T; Tang,M; Tomes,N; Floyd,C
Date: 1991
Presented:Presented at the Artificial Intelligence in Design Conference, June 1991, Edinburgh, Scotland
Abstract:The development of effective computer support for designers needs to be driven by better modelling of the design process, and an effective way of developing such an understanding is by building Artificial Intelligence systems through which this process can be modelled. This methodology has been adopted by the Castlemaine project, a two and a half year industrial and academic collaborative research project investigating the application of AI techniques to the support of the design process. In the first phase of the project, a prototype design support system integrating various knowledge based system techniques to aid molecular drug designers has been constructed which is to further test the "exploration-based model of design" developed at Edinburgh University. This position paper describes the background to the Castlemaine project, the research programme and the status of the project at March 1991.

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