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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9530

Title:Visualisation of Articulation for the Hearing Impaired with Self Organising Maps
Date: 1995
Abstract:This dissertation focuses on the speech production of a hearing impaired person. Most of the work is based on building an efficient and attractive environment for the assessment of the hearing impaired. Upon completion of that phase a new one that is meant to work like a speech training aid is taking place and a speaker dependent training is performed. The results are stored and are used for the next evaluation of the hearing impaired. In parallel with the objectives of that project the reader can also explore the use of Kohonen's Self-Organising-Maps and measure how well they can fit to a similar problem quite possibly in a different area. That makes ;the interface described here suitable for inspection and experimentation as a useful tutorial aid and generally a useful tool for researcher dealing with Self Organising Maps.

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