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Documents Authored by: Weiru Liu

Please note that only papers and publications recorded in this departments database are shown here. An author may have many other papers and publications produced while working elsewhere which are not listed here. This page does not therefore represent a definitive list of this authors work.

Discussion Paper

DP113 1992 Discussion Paper Liu,W
An Investigation into Uncertainty Reasoning and Nonmonotonic Reasoning - Using Incidence Calculus - Thesis Proposal

Journal Paper

JP1059 1996 Journal Paper Liu,W; Bundy,A
Constructing Probabilistic (ATMS) using Incidence Calculus
JP875 1995 Journal Paper McLean,R; Bundy,A; Liu,W
Assignment Methods for Incidence Calculus
JP745 1994 Journal Paper Liu,W; Bundy,A
a Comprehensive Comparison between Generalized Incidence Calculus and the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence

PhD Thesis

PT9506 1995 PhD Thesis Liu,W
Extended Incidence Calculus and Its Comparison with Related Theories

Research Paper

RP813 1996 Research Paper Liu,W; Bundy,A
Constructing Probalistic Atms Using Extended Incidence Calculus
RP648 1993 Research Paper Liu,W; Bundy,A; Robertson,DS
Recovering Incidence Functions
RP649 1993 Research Paper McLean,RG; Bundy,A; Liu,W
Assignment Methods for Incidence Calculus
RP599 1992 Research Paper Liu,W; Bundy,A
The Combination of Different Pieces of Evidence Using Incidence Calculus
RP611 1992 Research Paper Liu,W; Bundy,A; Robertson,DS
On the Relationship Between Incidence Calculus and Atms

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