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Documents on: prolog

PP92 1991 Paper in Conference Proceedings Ross,B; Smaill,AD
An Algebraic Semantics of Prolog Program Termination
PP233 1992 Paper in Conference Proceedings Bundy,A; Brna,P; Pain,HG
a Framework for the Principled Debugging of PROLOG Programs: How to Debug Non-Terminating Programs
AB541 1989 Authored Book Ross,PM
Advanced Prolog: Techniques and Applications
PP169 1992 Paper in Conference Proceedings Ross,B
Using Algebraic Semantics for Proving PROLOG Program Termination and Transformation
PP137 1992 Paper in Conference Proceedings Bowles,A; Mellish,CS
Using Abstract Interpretation in a Prolog Tutoring System
JP25 1991 Journal Paper Brna,P; Brayshaw,M; Bundy,A; Dodd,T; Elsom-Cook,M; Fung,P
An Overview of Prolog Debugging Tools
RP488 1990 Research Paper Ross,B; Wilk,P
A Semantic Approach to Proving Prolog Transformations Using Cut

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