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Documents on: mathematical induction

CB440 1990 Chapter in Edited Book Bundy,A; Smaill,AD; Wiggins,G
the Synthesis of Logic Programs from Inductive Proofs
JP28 1991 Journal Paper Bundy,A; van Harmelen,F; Hesketh,J; Smaill,AD
Experiments with Proof Plans for Induction
PP441 1990 Paper in Conference Proceedings Bundy,A; Smaill,AD; van Harmelen,F
Extensions to the Rippling-out Tactic for Guiding Inductive Proofs
RP600 1992 Research Paper Bundy,A
How to Solve it by Induction
PP346 1989 Paper in Conference Proceedings Bundy,A; van Harmelen,F; Hesketh,J; Smaill,AD; Stevens,A
a Rational Reconstruction and Extension of Recursion Analysis
PP1159 1997 Paper in Conference Proceedings Boulton,R; Bundy,A; Slind,A; Gordon,M
A Prototype Interface between CLAM and HOL

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