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Title:Using Meta-Knowledge at the Application Level
Authors:Kalfoglou,I; Robertson,DS; Tate,AB
Date:Sep 1999
Presented:Submitted to the Journal of Applied Artificial Intelligence
Abstract:Ontologies have become popular in the Artificial Intelligence community as a way to standardise representation of domain knowledge. Despite their advocated use in areas such as knowledge sharing and reuse there is little discussion in the community regarding their application in other areas. In this paper we explore the use of ontologies in improving systems engineering reliability by consistency checking with respect to ontological axioms - making it possible to reason about the correctness of an application with respect to ontological constraints. We applied this approach to diverse areas, each of which demonstrates a different use: deploying ontological axioms in business process modelling and enriching the axiomatisation of an Air Campaign Planning (ACP)-based application; identification of ontological constraints in ecological modelling; and evaluation of ontologies on system dynamics theory at application level.

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