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Research Paper #948

Title:Managing Ontological Constraints
Authors:Kalfoglou,I; Robertson,DS
Date:Mar 1999
Presented:Submitted to the IJCAI Workshop on Ontologies and Problem -Solving Methods: Lessons and Future Trends
Abstract:We explore the use of ontological constraints in a new way: how they can be deployed to facilitate a software system's formal evaluation. We present a formalism for ontological constraints and elaborate on a meta interpretation technique in the field of ontologies. ontological constraints often need enhancements to capture application-specific discrepancies. We propose an editing system that provides guidance in building those constraints and we explain how this helps us to detect conceptual errors that reflect a misuse of ontology's constructs. We describe a multilayer architecture for performing such checks and we demonstrate its usage via an example case. We speculate on the potential impact of the approach for the system's design process.

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